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5 Biggest Reasons Why Startups Fail

People start their business with much of a hullabaloo, which is good. Being enthusiastic about an idea you have dreamt upon – is finally going to get shaped. But through the course of time, you find what you have planned for, it’s not what it actually is. Putting it simply, there are many startup problems […]
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A Way To Say Who You Are – The Story Of Zri

ZRi has been curated by the Mumbai-based duo, Anupama Jain and Aishwarya Namjoshi. Their love for the beautiful things in life, brought them together on this journey. ZRi – an English adaptation of the word “shri”, stands for light, chivalry, radiance and beauty among others in Sanskrit. ZRi presents fine, handcrafted and gold-plated fashion jewelry. […]