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Why Digital Marketing Is “The” Strategy You Need

Why Digital Marketing Is “The” Strategy You Need
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Marketing – Digital Marketing, is the need of the hour. Every business needs a platform to market their products and services as far as they can. In this techno freak world, where everything has become digital, why should not marketing your products be also digitalised? Why is it so important to have a digital backdrop for every damn thing?

You know those traditional days and way of marketing all those days back? Yes, we are talking about TV, print ads, radio, flyers and all that stuff – that we used to market our products. Well, those might have worked at that time, but now, it would be a lot difficult to stick to those ways only. Change is the only thing, that’s constant – yes, all these ways need a change, and yes, we have that change with us too – Digital Marketing Strategy.

Nothing has really changed basically, all which has really changed – is the way we market our products. Why do we need it? Yes, we need this because, well, we need to stay head to head of this fast-paced technology, which is changing, like a chameleon changes its colours. And, businesses need to grow and expand, competition is so cut throat, these days.

Take for example, the latest update from Instagram, which ‘almost’ took Snapchat over. What made that possible? Maybe, Instagram had a better Digital Marketing Strategy. Why Prisma, is going viral? Why Pokemon Go, might be the Game Of The Year? It all comes down to one simple trick – Digital Marketing Strategy.

To be put simply, this defines the basic difference between a successful venture and a failed one. Even if there is quite a lot traffic on the website, it doesn’t really change anything if the sales aren’t turning into digitalised sales.

So, what does this actually mean? Why do we need this strategy, after all? Why it is so essential? Let’s go a little in depth of this whole scenario –

Going through the latest reports by, it shows that around 50% of the marketing businesses which have their digital programmes, have slightly increased from the previous year’s figures of 46%.

Let’s put down some reasons why this has become so important in the recent times:

Your Business Gets A Direction

Your Business Gets A Direction

The most important reason would be – getting a direction to your business. So, you have planned about what you are going to do, but exactly how are you going to that? What is the strategy for it? What is the approach you are going to take to fulfill your business needs? Exactly. That is what a marketing strategy does that for you. It gives you an approach towards your plans. Businesses which don’t have a proper strategy written down for them, just make a general sense of what their online traffic might be. Well, you can’t be generalise these things, can you? You need proper data, proper statistics and facts for that – and that is where a proper marketing strategy comes into play. It basically helps you differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. It’s always better to be late than sorry.

You Know Whom You Are Reaching to

You Know Whom You Are Reaching to

Digital Marketing Strategy helps you analyse your most valuable asset – your customers. You know whom you are dealing with. It enables you to determine, what your customers are searching for, what are their needs and what are their wants. And which in turn makes you dig deeper in there, dwelve on those points. It shows how your customers actually interact with the content they are getting online. Take for example, Google Analytics, is one such tool which enables to determine their customers’ age, location and even their interests. The strategy will make you evaluate your customers from different platforms. Media channels, blogs and even social media platforms – a proper strategy can give you a clear idea of where your business is actually going.

It’s Definitely In Your Budget.

It’s Definitely In Your Budget.

If you are thinking, these strategies might cost you a fortune, or something like that – well they don’t. These strategies are completely affordable and in your budget. Of course, if you want an online expert to take care of your advertising issues, that might cost you a little more – but, all the tools out there are almost free. Setting up all your social channels, monitoring your social media traffic, it’s all basically quite easy and most of all free of cost too. Although, you need to stay updated with the ever changing trends in the online world, you can easily get through via media channels like Linkedin and Twitter.

Measuring Your Success Becomes Easier

Measuring Your Success Becomes Easier
When you know your customers and who you are dealing with, it certainly enables you to measure your success even better. While the competition is so much these days, the actual data and statistics can make you work more efficiently and effectively towards what you want to actually deliver. A good digital strategy will make your mechanism effective and will allow you to make your online value proposition worthwhile. When you’re able to measure your success, you will know where you stand in the online business market. These strategies make it easier to monitor your success and give you a proper idea of your position.

Helps You Optimise Your Resources
An effective strategy will make you bank upon your resources and optimise them too. It will also show you what is working for you and what is not – which gives way to a continuous improvement in the way your strategy should work. Digitizing your resources, writing down your strategy for all your tactics, your KPIs, and finally resource optimization, is what will make your strategy work, and further, give you an edge over others.

Building a strategy isn’t as difficult it looks like. But it does need work. Describing your goals in a page or two, will itself make a huge difference to your online performance, which can be transformed into a bigger and better one later on. So, start building and banking upon your strategy now!

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  1. You can keep a track on who you are dealing with which is one of the most important aspects of any business. Nice article.

  2. Very well written article. Will help any business man in making a decision whether or not to add digital marketing in his business strategy.

  3. I think people think digital marketing is complicated because it has to do with technology, however, if you spend some time reading about it, you will know how to go about it.

  4. Madhuri Ramu says:

    Given how much digital marketing has evolved I am not surprised that it is become almost mandatory for businesses that want to make money.

  5. Good article on digital marketing, I like how practically you have approached the subject and its various benefits to a company.

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