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How to Open An Online Store with Buildabazaar at Zero Investment

How to Open An Online Store with Buildabazaar at Zero Investment
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Online Store at Zero investment?

Must sound like fiction, right?

You must think we’re kidding! I mean, what do you get for zero these days?

But eCommerce platform does, in fact, offer merchants a Free Plan – charging absolutely nothing to create their store. Which is also a great tactic for creating a social media calendar for ecommerce. To help you create your own online store.

Now you might ask, “When you say store – you mean a merchant can actually upload and sell his products on this store? At no cost? Or is just a demo store where you can’t sell anything? A Free Trial thing?”

BuildaBazaar’s Free Plan is no demo store. You get a full-fledged store, getting to sell your products online! So that you can be free of all the mobile commerce myths surrounding.

And just so that you have absolutely no doubt, let’s discuss all the features this Free Plan has to offer:

●Zero Setup Fee

With Buildabazaar’s Free Plan, you don’t have to pay a single dime for set-up fee. You can just register your store, upload your products, and start selling right away.

●Infibeam Product Listing Mandatory

While registering your store under Free Plan, you’ll have to choose Infibeam navigation – which means you’ll have to mandatorily sell Infibeam-listed products on your store. And also loaded with ecommerce content remarketing.

●Upload upto 100 SKU’s

At absolutely no set-up cost, BuildaBazaar’s Free plan comes with the fantastic benefit of being able to upload up to 100 products to your online store. This enables you to test demand for your product.

●Unlimited Infibeam SKU’s and 1% Commission

Along with up to 100 of your own products to sell, you will also get to sell the products listed on Infibeam on your store. And not just that, you will also get to earn many other things.

●Unlimited Visitors

The store you make with BuildaBazaar’s Free Plan also has an unlimited visitor count.

●Unlimited web pages

You are free to add as many web pages as you’d like to, to your webstore.

●Free template themes

With this plan, BuildaBazaar offers about 35 template themes that you can choose from, to customize your e-store – at absolutely no cost at all! This is all because of high-end ecommerce content strategy tips.

●Upgrade to Silver, Gold, or Platinum plan anytime

As your business starts growing, you’ll probably need to upload more products. More products would mean more SKUs. And that would require upgradation to Silver, Gold, Gold plus, or Platinum Plan – whatever suits you.

So, any time you’d want to upgrade, BuildaBazaar makes sure your transition to any other plan is completely seamless and hassle-free.

●Variable Transaction Fees

The transaction fee charged by BuildaBazaar on every transaction that you make on your store, differs for Electronics (3%), and Lifestyle products (5%).
With all these awesome features that BuildaBazaar’s Free Plan has to offer, what are you still waiting for?

Click here to get your store registered on Buildabazaar today, and start selling at no cost at all!

Vrinda Wakhlu

I am a quirky person who loves to read and eat. I love sharing cool facts and my smile is highly infectious. Above all... writing is my passion.

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  1. Never knew BuildaBazaar has a free plan which is not a demo store! This will really be very helpful for beginners.

  2. Shanker Das says:

    This is a very good thing as most start ups are short on funds they can start with the free store and then scale up.

  3. I started reading this article going “WOW”. But then again, nothing comes for free. Not a completely bad deal. Makes you think though.

  4. If you want something to work, you could make a small sacrifice. The sound of FREE is great! With a lill help from infibeam.

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