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COD at Product Variant Level – Buildabazaar Tutorials

COD at Product Variant Level – Buildabazaar Tutorials
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Enabling COD for product variants

Today we are going to talk about an important feature which is not only beneficial for the customer, but also shows the flexibility provided by Buildabazaar platform.

The platform has been built with such attention to detail and craftsmanship, that you will find each and every business scenario covered in the tool.

No matter how rare or unique the business scenario is, the fact is that it can occur and it can occur multiple number of times and thus we need to ensure that the technical solution for the same is provided.

So, let’s look at such a case. The case where a customer wants to order a product and the site owner wants to restrict selection of COD for certain variants only. The site owner can then enable COD only for some variants of the product (as explained below).

Functionality : This feature allows to configure cod charges at item level(variant level) once the feature is enabled in the site, site owner will get a column in the stock sheet downloaded through webstore feeds from which they can add the cod charges to the products.

Step 1: Enable the feature under Site Features.


Step 2: Opt for the feature Item Level COD Charges and activate, Under this feature there is an option show on PDP Click on the icon for to show COD charges in Product Display Page.


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  1. Tharunika Shruthi says:

    COD is one feature that most customers want from any website. Enabling COD will not only help the customer but also the seller.

  2. Arpitha Sree says:

    This article will be very handy for any e-commerce portal who faces such problems. The steps shown is very clear and easy to understand too!

    • Most of the buyers want a COD option these days.
      However, the final decision is yours. If you are willing to let go of some business (by disabling COD), then you can do it. It is a business call and you need to see what works best for your business.

  3. Really a nice topic to cover. Specially the restriction of COD for specific products, i.e., need of the day for all ecom retailers.

  4. Venky Narayanamurti says:

    Nice to find out that each & every item can be removed or added as COD product. Was not aware about this feature earlier. Great feature.

  5. Rajiv Sinha says:

    One can change the offer of COD on a product basis, till now what I was aware of that it’s restricted by pin code. Gives freedom to the ecom retailer to chose the customized COD option.

  6. I have researched a lot about COD to know how it works. Thanks to this write-up, it has enlightened me so much.

  7. No matter how various modes of online payments are available, people still look out for COD option when purchasing online.

  8. That’s a great information on how to restrict COD option for various products and limit it to certain locations as well.

  9. Well drafted article which depicts a perfect example on how to feature the COD charges and display them on product display page.

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