How to Choose Your SaaS vendor

How to Choose Your SaaS vendor
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Software as a Service, a cloud-based technology has hit the growth chart in the present years like nothing else has. And why not!

SAAS is the technology that lets the budding entrepreneurs of the world, worry less about “how to make an online store”, and concentrate more about “what to do when the store’s all ready?” And it’s an important distinction that has been allowed not just to all the startups, but the established e-stores as well.

And the rise in the popularity of SAAS has given rise to an unprecedented growth in the number of SAAS vendors. So then how do you choose the one that will fit your business needs the best? What are the basic criteria that you should look look into while deciding which vendor to choose as your ecommerce partner?

Below are a few points that will help you decide just that:


This is one important characteristic that your SAAS vendor must be able to render. Scalability does not just mean being able to operate, but what it really means is that how efficiently it does the same.

Scalability is about how well is your vendor able to match up to the growing demands of the growth that each of its clients witnesses in their business, and also its growing number of users – and not just accommodate them, but also maintain the core features of manageability, availability, data retention, data security, and so on.

Moreover, you also need to consider scalability from the points of view of investment, architecture, and development, to know how flexible your SAAS vendor is in fact to scale.

Data Security

Everything in today’s world requires security – whether it’s the physical world we talk about, or the virtual one. And more so in the virtual world, it’s not as simple as getting a lock and a key – that’s what makes it a bit more important to see how much effort is your SAAS partner taking in making sure your data remains completely safe and secure. Everything from installing anti-virus and anti-malware softwares to anti-spam programs and SSL certification – your SAAS partner should have covered it all.

Mobile Compatibility

The ecommerce platform of your choice must be able to provide you with mobile responsive themes and content management system – it’s a must! You can’t have an online store that can your customers can only operate on their desktops.

Mobiles are everywhere – everyone has them, almost everyone uses them almost all of the time; plus a mobile can literally be carried wherever you want to , whenever you want to!

So how do you not take advantage of something as huge as this?

Also, it’s one thing to be able to open a desktop site on the mobile screen, and it’s completely another to have site that seamlessly fits your mobile screen, making you almost forget what the desktop site even looked like! So, mobile compatibility is not something you can ignore.

And an ecommerce solution that doesn’t understand this, isn’t one that you should be considering.

Customer Support

Just like you owning an ecommerce business would require you to concentrate on building yourself a robust customer support system, the same goes for the SAAS solution that you partner up with.

Any question or query you might need solved, any problem that you might be facing, any confusion that you might have – you shouldn’t expect anything less than a quick resolution of your ecommerce solution.

And not just a strong support system, but your SAAS vendor needs to have a multichannel system in place. You should have multiple channels like live chat, call, social media, and the likes to get your query across to them.

Existing Customers

While you look at every aspect of your SAAS vendor, do not forget to also look at the clientele it serves. It matters a lot that how many clients does it serve currently, and how many of those clients are brands that you recognize? Knowing the clients, being able to speak to them, and getting to see the level of customization that they’ve been able to provide to their client store, will tell you a lot about how dependable your vendor will actually prove to be.

These are few pointers, and do not hesitate to add a few of your own while choosing the right SAAS partner for your venture. All the time that you must have worked towards planning your whole business, all that energy – it shouldn’t go bust just because you encountered some problem with the website itself!

So do not go for just any vendor – investigate a little, and make a calculated choice!

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  1. I recently took my business online and these things that were unheard of until sometime back, were suddenly crucial for my business.

  2. Nimesh mondal says:

    Great piece of information with so many details. Will be of help to start ups who are clueless about social media concepts.

  3. Having such an informative afternoon, reading up some really valuable articles on the website. This one for sure was a good list in what one must expect from a SaaS platform.

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