4 Customer Retention Strategies For Ecommerce Site

4 Customer Retention Strategies For Ecommerce Site

Acquiring new customers might be the aim of every ecommerce site, yes. But that should not be the ONLY aim. Businesses should also consider working upon how to retain lost customers. This helps in building the trust factor and loyalty of customers.

Many ecommerce site owners focus on the acquisition stage with the exclusion of retention. That’s because people often think of marketing as synonymous with acquisition. Which means the act of attracting customers to your business. Keeping customers, or retention, should be equally if not more important than acquisition.

Retention strategies truly pay off in the long run and help you build a sound business over time.

Be smart. Create a successful retention strategy to convert your new customers into long-term customers. Chances are that you too will spend less and earn more, the formula for a successful business.

In order to build a successful retention marketing program, you must rethink how your ecommerce site prioritizes its marketing efforts. Retaining customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones. Happy customers are more likely to tell their friends and family about your business. Repeat customers spend more money but require less help.

If you’re able to fix your customers’ problems and impress them with outstanding service, you might just win an even more loyal customer. The consequences of customer retention also compound over time. And in sometimes unexpected ways. Even a tiny change in customer retention can cascade through a business system and multiply over time. The resulting effect on long-term profit and growth shouldn’t be underestimated.

So, what strategies are the can you use to keep those loyal customers coming back to your ecommerce site time and time again. Here are some of them:

Adding CRM To Ecommerce Site

A CRM system, or customer relationship management system, allows you to track, monitor and communicate with customers using an automated platform. You can customize messages to focus on items, issues, products or information of interest to specific customers.  Which helps build retention into your communications mix. Prioritize around retention, rather than acquisition, strategies.

Shift the focus from outbound, mass advertising, and general ads to communications with existing customers. Add tactics to your outbound marketing mix as part of your retention efforts. And let your team know that they should focus on completing these tasks first.

Be sure you include enough budget to support retention efforts as much as you have supported acquisition in the past. Track, measure and monitor customer value, especially customer lifetime value. Instead of measuring individual sales alone, use your database to measure sales by customer.

Customer lifetime value assigns a score to customers based on recency, frequency, and monetary value of their purchases. The higher the lifetime value, the more you invest in retention efforts with that customer. Since they are considered a ‘good’ customer for your company.

Frequent Communications In Ecommerce Site

Emails and postcards are inexpensive ways to maintain communications with customers. Remind customers of upcoming sales, or drop them a simple “thank you” note and coupon to encourage repeat business.

Social media isn’t about pushing messages out to your fans and followers. It’s about communication and engagement. Share, comment and thank people when they share your posts. Be a frequent, courteous social media presence.

Remember that in a retention-driven business, it’s a two-way street. Complaints are an opportunity to engage with your customers, not an annoyance. Use the opportunity to resolve the problem fully and to thank them with additional services.

Whether you have an online or an offline business, consider hosting an event. Online businesses can host podcasts, give-away events, “open office” Q & A hours, or special sales. Bricks and mortar business can have special parties, open house events, guest lectures, new product unveilings, and other events at their stores. Make some events exclusive for your current customers only and you’ve turned an event into a retention tactic.

Introducing A Loyalty Program

There’s little point in dedicating massive resources to generating new customers. When 25-60% of your dormant customers will be receptive to your attempts to regenerate their business. And that is, if you approach them the right way, with the right offer. Reactivating customers who already know you and your product is one of the easiest, quickest ways to increase your revenues.

Re-contact and remind them of your existence. Find out why they’re no longer buying. OvercomE their objections and demonstrate that you still value and respect them. This will usually result in a tremendous bounty of sales and drastically increased revenues in a matter of days. And will lead to some of your best and most loyal customers.

A powerful system that improves the interpersonal skills of your team and changes the spirit of your organisation. It involves speaking to colleagues politely and pleasantly, without sarcasm or parody. And treating them at least as well as you would want them to treat your customers.

Consistent Customer Experience

Offering a consistent customer experience involves having all departments talking to each other. Marketing needs to talk to sales; sales needs to talk to customer support. All departments should have shared goals in what customer experience needs to be delivered to each customer.

The best companies recognize that customers interact with different parts of the organization and across multiple touch points. They know customers engage with different employees when they make a purchase, when they’re getting service and support, and when they’re talking to billing or accounts.

Long-term success and customer retention belongs to those who do not take ethical shortcuts. There must always be total consistency between what you say and do and what your customers experience. The design, build quality, reliability and serviceability of your product or service must be of the standard your customers want, need and expect.

Service integrity is also demonstrated by the way you handle the small things, as well as the large. Customers will be attracted to you if you are open and honest with them, care for them, take a genuine interest in them.  Don’t let them down and practice what you preach.

4 Ways To Save Time And Money On Content Marketing

4 Ways To Save Time And Money On Content Marketing

Launching a business is already a difficult task. Then making different strategies and figuring out how they can drive maximum traffic – is even difficult. Many ecommerce business owners find themselves strapped for time or cash or both. So the need to engage in content marketing to promote products and services can be pretty daunting.

Small ecommerce businesses aren’t alone when it comes to this problem, either. Some of the biggest companies and brands have teams hard at work trying to get their content marketing figured out. The good news is that many small ecommerce businesses are actually halfway there. That is because, unlike big companies, they don’t need marketing pros to know their audience. And understand content that will appeal to them.

Not only do you feel like you don’t have the time, but you may not have the money to hire someone to write for you! Engaging your customers takes time. However, in the process your customers and potential customers will grow to trust you and have a bond that they may not have with any other business.

Having content marketing is invaluable to your ecommerce business. But how can you use content most effectively and efficiently to support your marketing goals? If you’re a small business owner, you already know who your customers are. What you need to do is figure out how to efficiently incorporate content into your marketing mix.

Here’s how you can save time, money and even your energy on building a content marketing strategy for your ecommerce business:

Ecommerce Collaborative Planning

Taking time to plan strategically is indispensable. You’ll certainly want to explore different platforms and tactics, but think it through first. Make sure these moves make sense for your brand, your audience, your team and your bottom line. Find your balance between implementation speed and precision strategies.

Your day is busy, yes it is understandable. But you need to set time aside to actually incorporate content into your marketing scheme. Be sure to engage as much as you can during this time. Using social media scheduling tools like Sprout Social or Buffer can help drastically. These schedulers can help you manage your posts and schedule them in advance to save you time in the future.

Just make sure to stay on top of current topics in your industry to keep content relevant. Most of these tools also provide an easy way to analyze the success of your posts. They provide insight on how many people you are reaching, who your audience is, and when the best time to reach them is. However the most important thing to do to increase the success of your posts, is to engage with your audience and not just share content.

Calculated Production

Planning doesn’t always produce the results we anticipate. Strategies can fail miserably. That’s why you must put in place methods to test, track and measure your predictions and expectations against actual outcomes. Every business is different, every audience is special. And new technologies mean the marketplace is a dynamic one.

The content you “know” will go viral – sometimes bombs. A campaign you think in which efforts are almost half-done turns out to generate massive engagement. The market can be surprising and often is unpredictable. Unless you have a system for tracking, of course. Capture data and use it to better calculate outcomes so you can produce better results in the future.

In lieu of writing yourself, or just to increase the volume of content you share on your site or through social channels, you’ll want to curate information. In the course of maintaining your own subject-matter expertise. You have likely identified a number of trusted sources of information that publish content you can share with your audience. Ideally, this should reinforce the value of what you do and your expertise, but it should be useful to them above all.

Precise Content

Content type and a known customer buying cycle help you create relevant, valuable content for your audience. But what about the right format? And what about when is the right time to drop an e-book? Or which time and place your followers will watch a video or maybe a podcast? Understand how and when your audience prefers to receive information, and you’ll make an impact that transforms costs into profits.

Sometimes it is not the scheduling or posting of content that takes the most time. Finding valuable content for your audience can be the set back in content marketing. Valuable content means something different for everyone. However, to get the best out of content marketing for your audience, the content is valuable if it reinforces your expertise and value of what you do for them and is useful to them.

Many people don’t have the time to sit and look through all the content online to find the right stuff, and it is impossible. The key is to curate your content. Take the time to find your trusted sources that provide reliable trustworthy content. Then come back to them for other content.

Concise Placement

You understandably want your logo and products to be seen in as many places as possible. But you don’t want your brand to be just anywhere. Focus on finding two or three primary platforms to start. Refine your approach until you’ve optimized these through traffic metrics, leads and your desired return on investment.

Saturating the market with too many locations will spread your message thinly across scattered channels. Your team will end up doing more work and having fewer conversions to show for it. This costs you in more ways than one as employees grow frustrated and your marketing dollars dwindle.

If you have more time, provide your own personal article summary or comment about the usefulness of the content you collect. This information can be included on your site, shared in social channels and/or delivered by email newsletter. The power of content to attract and engage audiences has been proven immensely. Customers and prospects is the foundation of the social media ecosystem. And for that – it is worth finding the time. So figure out how to make the most of it.

The Story Of Yash Gifts

The Story Of Yash Gifts

Yash Gifts, being a leader in the field of personalized gifts – has been serving the corporate sector with customized gifts. The special factor that distinguishes Yash Gifts from others is that they never bother about quantity. They are one of the very few companies who cater to college students, small groups, teams and individuals.

Their distinction lies in – reasonable pricing, low turnaround time and quality products with equally great branding.


They have an in house set up for customization of Photo Coffee Mugs, Photo Pillow covers, Jigsaw puzzles, Tiles, Mouse Pads, T-shirts, Souvenirs, Awards, Wooden Plaques, Acrylic Trophies, Wooden desktop gift items, wooden pens, etc. the vast range not only gives them competitive edge in pricing but also helps in deliver goods faster.

An Experience To Remember


Yash Gifts is run by professional people who are dedicated and committed to their jobs, with zeal to perform.

With vast experience in Direct Marketing, Online Selling and serving corporate clients with customized and personalized gifts, they make the online experience an event to remember and cherish.

Plus, they have a huge variety of range – mobile and accessories, home and lifestyle, apparel, bags, audio and entertainment, and any more to shop from.

They offer amazing discounts on Personalized Photo Gifts. Personalize pendrive metal key lock with a 25% discount and a 50% discount on travel and trolley bags.

Yash Gifts And BuildaBazaar

A venture dealing in personalised products tells a lot about giving that “personal touch’ to its products – and ultimately to its customers. With their partner in BaB, they can be assured of this for their long journey ahead.

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5 Tips To Boost Your SEO Optimization!

As any individual who’s ever attempted to accomplish and keep up high search result rankings can verify, search engine optimization (SEO) is a consistent race to stay one advance of your rivals. To win that race, you have to consistently enhance your own particular site and monitor your rivals’ SEO action.

Here are five SEO optimization tips you would want to consider if you’ve watched your competitors usurp your top rankings :

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5 Ways To Get Over With Chronic Procrastination

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Speaking of yawning, a research has shown yawning is the most contagious of all. What causes yawning? Laziness. Delaying your work, postponing it on tomorrow – which never comes. “Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late”. This line from Colonel Bagshot’s hit number ‘Six Day War’, applies here perfectly.

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