BuildaBazaar The Nonpareil E-Commerce App Builder

BuildaBazaar The Nonpareil E-Commerce App Builder
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The last few years have seen a great shift from desktop to mobile. In 2014, the number of smartphone users in the world was 1.5 billion and the number is expected to be around 2.5 billion in 2019. These stats clearly tell that there is going to be a greater need of a mobile application for e-commerce business and thus the need for an e-commerce app builder.

Living in a world of technology, it is an essential task for every entrepreneur to walk with the current technology trends. In today’s time, dealing with mobile apps has become so important that every organization needs mobile app development solutions for their respective business areas.

E-Commerce sector is so vast and the business industry needs a proper platform for reaching more audience. Android and iPhone both are ever-escalating platforms that people are using on a larger scale. So if you are aiming to implement a competent e-commerce strategy directly accessible on SmartPhones then it will require the services from the best mobile e-commerce app builder. With e-commerce Android app development, you can reach a wide range of customers.

BuildaBazaar one of the best e-commerce platforms out there understands the importance of a mobile app for e-commerce in this dynamic market. Which is why BuildaBazaar serves as the best e-commerce mobile app builder for all kinds of online businesses no matter the domain.

BuildaBazaar includes a complimentary Android mobile app for your online store in every rental package except for the basic pack. Although even in the basic package you request for a mobile application at very minimal additional charges.

However, just providing a mobile application does not a great platform make. The reason we can claim BuildaBazaar is the best e-commerce app builder because each and every application developed is not only rich in features and stunning layout but also provides the best user experience to your customers.

Mobile e-commerce applications developed by BuildaBazaar for your store are enabled with

  1. Intuitive Design

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The design of your e-commerce app plays a key role on how buyers behave in your app. With an attention span of fewer than 8 seconds, it is important that your users should be able to easily understand the app interface. Creating a very complicated design with lots of animations and text in the hope of enticing the user will always backfire. When it comes to the user interface simplicity is the way to go. This will boost the user experience due to the ease of use. BuildaBazaar makes certain that your app follows this pattern without sacrificing beauty or ease of navigation.

  1. Security

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In case of e-commerce, you will need to ask for a lot of information from the user. Some of this information also includes bank account details, credit/debit card info, address, etc., It goes without saying that you have to ensure your app is secure. You cannot simply ask for such personal information and leave it for the hackers to steal. Do keep an eye on the security level of the app and ensure that there are no loopholes. BuildaBazaar considers security in app especially when it comes to payments and information to be of paramount importance. Every app ever designed by BuildaBazaar goes through rigorous test to ensure its safety.

  1. Great Images

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Visual information can be processed 60,000 times faster than text. In case of e-commerce, your images communicate your brand as well as your product. A common mistake made here is that people tend to save costs incurred by a professional photographer. Taking product images from mobile or using low quality or stock images will hurt your brand’s image. Make sure that your value is well communicated through your images. Like we said before BuildaBazaar does not sacrifice the look and feel of an app and it does so by integrating stunning images and videos.

  1. Social Media Integration

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People hate forms. The longer questionnaire you give them the better incentive they will have to skip the registration and go for the app they have already registered for. With the help of social media integration, you can ease the signup and login process. Additionally, you can enable the users to share their experience of purchase on social media which can help you gain a good following and word of mouth publicity. Apps designed by BuildaBazaar have features to enable and integrate with every social media platform under the sun. Not only this your customers also receive the feature to create account and login using social media accounts.

  1. Easy Checkout

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The average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. The is usually caused due to pricing issues, competition, search for better alternatives etc. With a complicated checkout process, you just giving your users another reason to abandon your cart. Keep the checkout process simple, direct and clean. Also, you should ensure that you give all sorts of alternatives that a user might want for initiating a transaction. You can also provide an inbuilt mobile wallet system to smoothen the process to the best possible extent. With the innumerable payment gateway options and incredible UI designs BuildaBazaar makes certain that the checkout experience for your customers is as seamless as possible.

BuildaBazaar’s knowledge and talent to match client demands are undisputed and we totally believe in customer satisfaction. We have an immensely talented team of mobile app developers who are experienced in crafting different apps based on different industry sectors. If you are also looking for developing the best E-Commerce app, we are here to build the top class app with our best app developer’s team. After all, there is a reason BuildaBazaar holds the mantle for the best e-commerce mobile app developer.

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