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Buildabazaar Champions
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(A tête-à-tête with Sameer Mehta Owner of Cosmedik inc – An online store of lifestyle cosmetics and health store)

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” – Booker T. Washington

In a world full of opportunities and possibilities very few people have the courage to go beyond the conventional and explore a new horizon. The ‘BuildaBazaar Champions’ series is an ode to such pioneers who have thought out of the box, have risen up from limitations and have carved an entire new niche for themselves in the virtual world and how BuildaBazaar has been their armour and weapon in forging ahead in this competitive arena.

Meet Sameer Mehta, owner of Cosmedik inc. His story is all about converting a conventional family business into a sophisticated online business of health and lifestyle products. His rise to success is all about an idea that made him a digital entrepreneur.

In an interview with the BuildaBazaar team, Sameer shared his journey from managing a family business to owning a successful online store. Lets meet this genius who realised the potential of the virtual market.

Team : Tell us something about yourself.
Sameer : I’m a chartered accountant by profession and I come from the family of businessmen, driving is my passion and listening to music is my stress buster.

Team: What is cosmedik inc?
Sameer: My brand Cosmedik inc was originally in the business of providing surgical & medical equipments which incidentally is my family business too.

Team : What made you start this business ?
Sameer : Taking on our traditional business I came in contact with the segment of personal care & cosmetics, while dealing with this business day in day out , I felt that there is going to be a huge demand of personal care products in the coming years in India, and the people of our generation are getting more health conscious. I could see a gap in the demand and supply of good healthcare products and that’s when i decided to venture in this segment.

Team: When did you decide to have an online store?
Sameer: Somewhere in 2011 I realised that the majority of my customers have started shopping online, I would often hear about the ease of digital purchase from the younger crowd, and with the internet boom and increasing awareness about ecommerce market , I was smitten by the idea of having my own ecommerce store. I started approaching different platforms and service providers to build my website, BuildaBazaar was one of those, but given the facilities it offered, I zeroed down on it and launched cosmedik inc online that year itself.

Team: How was your experience with Buildabazaar ?
Sameer: While doing my research on building a website, I found that interacting with the BuildaBazaar team was really meaningful, they understood my needs and even made adjustments in a lot of offerings as per my requirement. With BuildaBazaar, I finally stopped looking here and there as all my needs were fulfilled from a single point of contact, giving me enough time to look after my existing business. A great experience I must say.

Team: What were the challenges you faced?
Sameer: Earlier while discussing the website’s concept with other service providers, I was finding it difficult in getting a payment gateway integrated platform, but with BAB having a PG integration was a matter of a call and the team proactively took care of it.

Team: How was your journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur ?
Sameer: My journey as a ecommerce entrepreneur has been great as I could reach the target audience & generate revenue along with scaling up my business.

Team: what are your future plans regarding your business?
Sameer: ECOMMERCE ! With the success of my current site, I decided to launch another store with the help of BuildaBaar, in fact the development of my new site is already under progress with BuildaBazaar’s Team.

Team: What advice would you give to an entrepreneur about the digital market ?
Sameer: Don’t be afraid and don’t delay to jump on the digital bandwagon. There will always be something more that you could do with your brand, but going online will be your biggest step towards success. And with platforms like BuildaBazaar, it will be an easy affair.

Team: Any more thoughts to share with our readers ?
Sameer: I am really satisfied with the services of BuildaBazaar, in fact I have recommended their services to my other business counterparts and friends, many of which have already launched their e-store with this platform.

We wish Sameer the very best in his journey ahead, and for our readers we want you to know that just like Sameer many new budding e-entrepreneurs are joining the digital bandwagon via the BuildaBazaar platform, If you are one such exceptional success story waiting to happen, we would love to be a part of your story. Click here to contact us.

Watch out this space for more such inspiring stories and don’t forget that your business idea could be the next big thing and we at BuildaBazaar can make it happen.

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