Best Ways To Pick An Ecommerce Platform For SEO

Best Ways To Pick An Ecommerce Platform For SEO
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The 44% of each online buy starts with an online pursuit (IPSOS 2012). Ensuring that items can be discovered effortlessly on internet searchers, for example, Google can be the distinction between an ecommerce business that comes up short or succeeds. A huge piece of powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to guarantee that the pages the site show up as significant as could reasonably be expected to an internet searcher for the inquiry terms (catchphrases) that imminent clients are utilizing. This is why SEO is very important.

In this day and age, all entrepreneurs are not aware that their ecommerce platforms won’t be equipped with necessary features needed to make their online shop search-engine friendly. Not all ecommerce software offer the features needed to make a website search-engine friendly.

Here are 5 SEO ranking factors one can consider while evaluating which platform to choose for an ecommerce business:

1.Independent Navigation Links


The link that appears for the products and product categories in the navigation menu of the site is the navigation link. Many ecommerce platforms will automatically generate the navigation links in the menu using the same names as the product and product categories in the online store. But for SEO purposes it is advisable to have independent control of the navigation links.

2.Independent Page Titles


The text that appears in the tab section at the top of the browser is called the page title. There is a connection for page titles that include a key search term, particularly when the search term is placed at the beginning of the page title. These page titles are also shown when a user bookmarks any page. Many ecommerce platforms take the names of products and product categories from the online store automatically and generate them as page titles.

3.Independent Page URLs


The Page URL is the location of the page in the address bar. These URLs are sometimes automatically generated by ecommerce platforms using the product and product categories from the online store. Looking from an SEO point, it is always better to have independent control of the page URLs.

4.Meta Descriptions


When you search for a product from your online store on google, the text that appears with your listing is the meta descriptions. These descriptions don’t always determine any business’ position in the search results but on the other hand can have a considerable impact on whether search visitors will click on the listing as opposed to one of the competitors.
The meta descriptions are very different from the text that is displayed on the page of the particular product or product category.

5.Independent H1 Headings


These are the main headings that appear on any product and category page. For instance, if you stock a product that matches a search term used by a customer, it would be more beneficial if the H1 heading on the page included the same keywords.


When it comes to picking the right ecommerce platform for any online business it is definitely not an easy decision. Many people prefer to go for the most well-known provider who offers the cheapest and easiest solution.
Usually people realise that there is not much visitors on the website very late. This is because of the limited features and not because of the products on the page .Thus researching on the various ecommerce platforms before investing is always a good idea.

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  2. Interesting! You can never know the benefits of SEO unless you have invested significant time in designing an ecommerce platform which is SEO friendly

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