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The Rise of Conversational Commerce!

As much as the virtual world has now almost blanketed the whole of our physical world, there are still places like India, where you’ll find many people preferring to buy things face-to-face. And as much as this could probably have been a major roadblock for the progress of Ecommerce, a new

How to Choose Your SaaS vendor

Software as a Service, a cloud-based technology has hit the growth chart in the present years like nothing else has. And why not! SAAS is the technology that lets the budding entrepreneurs of the world, worry less about “how to make an online store”, and concentrate more about “what to do when the store’s all […]

Skyrocket Your Sales Through Mobile Apps!

It wouldn’t be surprising if in a few years, smartphone enters the group of items that we call our basic amenities – food, water, air – those things that our life would be impossible to sustain without! So, then why not have just a mobile responsive website – why insist on a creating one’s business […]

Why is Shipping Insurance so Important?

The first thing that comes to mind when getting a startup started, is whether anyone will buy their products or not. And once that fear takes a step back, you realise you’re already in the middle of another fear – will the package reach your customer on time and in a brand new condition? That […]