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Mobile Wallets: The Future of Ecommerce

With mobiles being the one of the brightest innovations of the century, bringing us humans closer to an ever-exciting future, it’s particularly the switch from cellphones to smartphones that has made a vast difference in the way world is today, and how it’s shaping up to be. And this future looks all dressed up in […]

The Story of Pujastuff.com

Having a strong belief, that Hinduism is much more than just a religion – it’s a way of life, Ramesh Narayanan came up with this very novel concept of Pujastuff.com. Calling himself the first devotee, Ramesh Narayanan knows what it is like to be brought up in an environment replete with the rich traditions of […]

Ecommerce Logistics – A Deep Insight

With Internet probably being the fifth element that a human being can not live without – after air, water, food, and shelter – presumably ranking even higher than sleep, the rise that Ecommerce is witnessing, is not surprising at all. And so are the logistic needs of this booming industry increasing too. With the quality […]
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The Story of Crafts Gallery

Craft International, one of the best brands when it comes to selling all kinds of craft products that range from wooden handicraft to semi-precious stone craft to a lot more! And at unbelievably low prices, Crafts Gallery provides people with a wide range of high quality Crafts International products that can be used for home […]