SEO Trends To Follow In 2018 For An Ecommerce Portal

SEO Trends To Follow In 2018 For An Ecommerce Portal

The Digital Marketing landscape has changed a lot over the years. A lot of influential and prominent changes came up in 2017 and will continue to grow in 2018.

Search engines endeavouring to improve search quality in coming times, some ranking factors have shift shapes and completely new ones arise. To stay on the top of search results it is important for a website to follow the changing trends in Search Engine Optimization. Also if one continues to follow the old trends and technique then there are chances that website is dragged down in the search engine results pages. To keep away from the website being penalized, ensure that your website is fully optimised according to the latest SEO trends.

SEO is all about Search-Results-Ranking, the year 2018 will see interesting insights involved to measure these metrics. SEO is looking futuristic with popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo getting smarter, answering more queries related to page results and increasing the trend the of voice search. Google algorithms for SEO are quite complex and are being updated constantly to keep business quick-witted and responsive. SEO techniques that once dominated the digital world have fallen out as a constant change and updates are seen in Google algorithms.

To help your e-commerce website stay ahead of your competitors, one needs to ensure that their website follows these top 5 SEO trends of 2018.

1. Extension in SERP Features

Extension in SERP Features

Do you think you will increase the traffic by organic methods? Give it a second thought.

A SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the page displayed by search engines in response to the search query made by a user.

SERP features basically include anything more than the SEO title, URL and the description. SERP features like featured snippets with keywords, knowledge panels, descriptions, meta tags and rich content are seeking searchers’ attention and giving your website more clicks from an organic listing. Rich snippet with the most number of keywords has tripled in the last two years and 87% of the market now relies on rich content. This type of content helps you get more clicks as they are presented in the noticeable and dramatic form. This may sound fancy for a local business. For local businesses, it is important to put efforts in focussing on local SEO to get features, which is called local pack.

2.Voice Search the Next Big Thing To Come in 2018

 Voice Search the Next Big Thing To Come in 2018

Voice search will be the new way of searching in future, the idea is hands-free, fast and futuristic. It is a technology that tech industry has been working on for years.

From the last couple of years, we have seen substantial improvements in Voice Technology with Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana. Voice activated search methods have improved and taken the gain in the market, this all is made possible due voice recognition software and speakers. It is been predicted that by 2020 half of the searches will be voice activated. Want to know where is the nearest pizza house, instead of typing on your web browser ask your voice assistant. Pretty cool right?

Want to know how the voice search works?
We’ll let me tell you, all the results show of a voice search are displayed due to the featured snippet. Here also it is same as SERP trend – the trending the content, the more you will be able to fetch responses.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

These days mobile have become an important part of the digital world, one cannot simply ignore them.  As seen from the stats people surf more on mobile rather than the traditional desktop or laptop.

Already 50% of the online searches are done from mobile, so it is no longer an option to have a mobile-friendly website. It has now become a required and expected factor for a business to have a mobile-friendly website and more importantly a website that fits in all size of screens.  Today mobile-friendliness of a website is now considered as an important search ranking factor and one should know that mobile site has an impact on your SEO ranking.

Google is also keeping an eye on Accelerated Mobile Pages as this format enables fast loading, giving a better reading experience and improves SEO of the website.

Now the question arises do we need to develop a new website for mobile?
Providentially, you can use the platform of BuildaBazaar that automatically creates a mobile version of your website. We at BuildaBazaar make sure that you get an impressive and amazing website that’s user-friendly and mobile friendly.

4.Link Building along with Brand Building

Link Building along with Brand Building

Conversion is more important than ranking. In the previous year, we have seen a gradual shift from organic search strategies to offering reputation management, managing social media accounts and optimizing content.

A beneficial strategy for link building in 2018 will be shifting towards relationship building, developing powerful links that will be beneficial in long-term. Guest posts play an integral part in link building but in May 2017 Google warned publishers who rely on guest posts to generate backlinks to control spam and questionable links.

In the coming year, brand management will continue to grow as an industry to retain existing customers and scale up businesses. There are techniques and strategies for directory submission and backlink generation that will help you compete organically and increase website and social media engagement for your business.

5. The Shift From HTTP to HTTPS

The Shift From HTTP to HTTPS

HTTPS is same as HTTP but with an extra layer of security attached. It has now become a trend for an e-commerce website to provide an extra security layer to their users.

Google has been actively encouraging businesses to convert their websites to HTTPS, and those websites are being rewarded with a minor SEO boost.  HTTPS has become common in banking, e-commerce and in those sectors which conducts financial transactions.

Back in mid-2017 Google stated that around 55% of the website were SSL secured and this stats was expected to grow upto 66% by the end of 2017.

Do businesses need to worry about HTTPS ?
We at BuildaBazaar automatically equip your website with SSL certificates. This extra layer of security will help you rank your website higher than your competitors. We at BuildaBazaar assure that your visitor’s sensitive data won’t be harmed and would improve their experience, leading to better SEO of your website.

Apart from these techniques video integration will continue to grow and gain popularity too. People like video and remember them, as they create a huge impact on audiences creating an easier brand establishment. All these great components will be helpful for a successful marketing and branding strategy and finally improves your SEO rank.

SEO is not a static industry, and in many ways, it is taking a traditional pull because of technology drifts. 2018 will not be much volatile for SEO industry, but certain changes will definitely shake the game.

How To Create A Stunning Visual Brand For All Your Online Platforms

How To Create A Stunning Visual Brand For All Your Online Platforms

Rapid development of online technologies and the tech world gave a lot of freedom to the business from advertising, marketing to launching a new product, this field has created a revolution. Now every business from small to medium & large scale is experiencing this freedom and revolution.
Be the business of any kind it has become easy to create the brand identity online, which can be done easily by creating a website, marking online presence on social media and find a niche market to discover new opportunities in sales.

But the question that arises is, will these small companies be able to gain the brand value and establish themselves as “BRAND” like the big companies have been doing it for decades.

This article below is cutting through all the facts, to explain how one can grow their brand online, which has become an elementary factor. Listed below are three steps to expand your brand value –

1. Find Your Brand Identity

Find Your Brand Identity

Once you have an idea you need to define your brand. To market anything be it be a product or just an idea you need to know it inside out. After identifying brand you will be able to create a foundation for all your marketing strategies.

Consider the following elements required to build up your brand identity:

Who is your target audience?
Target audience of any business is basically the conversing partner of your business.
To understand your customers better you need to understand their demographics such as their age group, gender, educational profile and location.
You need to define the things that drive them towards your product, and what you can offer them.
Also, define the social platforms they are active on so that it becomes easy for you to reach them. The most important thing that comes up is how would your brand influences them.

What is the story of your brand?
Great storytelling is the key to establish a brand. Power of your brand story defines your presence and identity. The more appealing your story is the more it helps to build a connection with your audiences. One can include the company’s origin and motivation in a few thousand words but making it straightforward with CONCEPT, OFFERING & SUCCESS STRATEGY creates a connection with the audiences.

What is your brand’s personality?
Brand personality can be defined as the set of characteristics connected to a company or a brand name. As a business, grasping your brand’s personality helps you to create a connection with your target audiences. This idea of defining brand personality applies to all scale of companies.

2. Design Your Brand’s Look

Design Your Brand’s Look

After creating a solid grip on brand identity now one need to move towards the technical aspects of branding your business. A good brand not only allows audiences to remember who you are but communicates with your history, values and entire impact of your business. The visuals and look express your brand story. Let’s have a detailed look at it-

Defining an Overall Style
Just like a fashion brand defines its styles into different categories. A brand style is a set of standards that your company works on. Defining style includes defining the tone of your brand such as colors, words usage, the point of view and more.
The key issue here becomes the style that defines your brand, For example, you cannot include the black and white theme for a children’s theme park website, it has to be colourful!

Choosing your brand’s colors
Brand color does not mean choosing your favourite color, as it simply speaks your brand. Colors play a significant role in brand development. For example to visualize Facebook is to remember its distinctive blue or when you remember coca-cola you visualize red, similarly if you remember the famous Indian ecommerce company Infibeam, orange come in mind with their tagline SHOP WITH A SMILE; this is the result of successful branding.

To make a confident choice about your brand understand the color theory, which color immediately gets connected with your brand and choose the perfect color scheme for an effective online presence.

Creating a logo
Logos are the pivotal branding tool, sometimes people don’t remember your company’s name instead they remember your brand logo. Your logo says it all, for example, the logo of BuildaBazaar defines two platforms one is of Infibeam other that you can create of your own using the SAAS platform provided by Infibeam. BuildaBazaar helps you create a marketplace or an online store like Amul Online, Fortune Online using the tools and services of Infibeam platform.

Logo should look great no matter where you put it. The rule of logo says that people should understand what your brand is saying by just looking at your logo. Get familiar with the latest trends in the logo with the different color combination and stand out from the crowd.

3. Set Your Brand’s Voice

Set Your Brand’s Voice

Right voice of your brand engages well with audiences. By brand’s voice, it does not mean jingles or anthem or theme song. But by the brand voice, we mean words, prose styles that engage and motivate audiences.
Brands voice also define your digital presence, your social media connections, product marketing and branding. Every brand has a writing style as the target audience not only see your brand, they visualize and interact with it textually and verbally. Let’s see how setting a brand’s voice works-

Crafting the ultimate brand name
Shakespeare asked ‘what’s in the name?’ but in the digital world, everything is in the name. If your logo is well defined and encapsulated your business idea under it becomes impressive and captative.
Along with the brand name we have popular taglines or a brand slogan. Remembering a slogan of a famous SAAS platform BuildaBazaar which says “Billion Dreams.. Billion Stores..”
Short sentences of these kinds complete your brand name and deliver the essence of your brand.

Engaging with your audience
Building a brand is not merely about designing a logo, creating the website and advertising on social media, it is more than that.
Your brand needs to regularly engage with the audience, which may include your social media posts, newsletters or daily blogs, responding to queries of customer and monitoring the brand’s reputation.

All the steps listed above will definitely help you build a brand. All you need to do is stay focused on your goals and make sure your branding efforts help you to achieve them.

5 Ways Your Brand Can Appeal To Holiday Shoppers

5 Ways Your Brand Can Appeal To Holiday Shoppers

Holidays are the time that makes the shoppers go turkey. Big retailers rejoice with huge profits at this time of year, but it doesn’t mean that small businesses should be kept away from the consumer frenzy pie. Any business’s products or services will make huge profits and shine brighter in the holiday season. Your amazing products and services will shine if you hire right people to help your business grow and right audiences to buy the products you can definitely make great profits in this holiday season.

That extra hood in your business may make your year happening and it also makes sense in investing for seasonal employees and see potential in your holiday shoppers.

Listing here five things that can set you apart from your competition – and five employees you should hire to cut through the noise through this holiday season.

1. Bring out unique experiences

Bring Out Unique Experiences

Big retailers spend a lot to decorate their store in holidays- with the same old Christmas theme, with a Santa and a Christmas tree. As a small business one can offer customer shopping experience that is more unique, engaging, genuine and original. The holiday season is the season of giving, your business should help your customers keep alive the spirit of “Season of Giving ”. Being an online vendor create special holiday offers to fantasize your customer. Adding social impact to your business adds a special element in the shopping for your customers. Ideas like this help your customer to give back their local community and form a great impression about your business.  

Be different from the ordinary course of events — Treat your customers in a different way as others. Your little shift from the ordinary will build your online brand and build customer loyalty, live music, cookies and cider are enough to set the mood. In an online store for better spread some clever product description, handwritten notes and some extra attractive pages about the festive offers and a little free including in all shipments will do. Train your employees to go beyond and help the customers the best to fit in their bag. The extra pump from day-to-day customer interaction will make a better impact on your store.  

2. Campaign About Your Brand Name Online

Campaign About Your Brand Name Online

Be the brand your customers want. Create products that your customers require. Behind every successful brand lies its marketing. The umbrella named marketing covers all aspects of marketing such as advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Without marketing your potential customers will not come to know about your products as a result sales may crash and companies have to face great losses.

Nowadays businesses are spending huge amounts on marketing and not only marketing online marketing too plays a vital role to bring success to your business. Online marketing is an affordable and effective way to attract holiday shoppers. The three things you need to focus on is :

  1. Email Marketing- Get into the inboxes of your customers. Get the email list of your customers, share about offers, coupons or certificate that they can share with their family. According to a research, 52 percent of people have access to Email over their smartphones and 42 percent of retailers’ email messages were opened by consumers on their smartphones and 17 percent were opened on tablets.
  2. Social Media– Share alert about the holiday sales and promotions to your online audiences via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  Share the links to your best products with photos redirecting back to your mobile responsive websites to increase traffic to your websites and for instant online purchases.
  3. Paid Media– These days social media platforms are not just about sharing photos. Adding a small amount to your photos and posts can find you, new customers. Example Facebook is an easy-to-use platform for small business owners to target a specific audience in the modest budget.   

Hiring a social media expert and a marketing consultant who knows the correct budget to spend to maximize the impact of your businesses to your targeted audience. It will add if you keep a right balance of technical and creative marketing team who will help you clever content and beautiful graphics to attract customers online.   

3. A unique brand design

A Unique Brand Design

A unique brand design always helps. If your design is not appealing then the best marketing campaign will not gain any notice. Your company needs to make a good impression and brand recognition by providing instant connection about your services and offering. A poorly designed logo, website, brochure and other tools will portray an unprofessional impression about your company or brand.

Your brand strategy should build trust and credibility and be memorable in a way. A clearly defined brand strengthen by use of logos, videos and high-quality visuals can let your business dig bigger pockets. For creative design, all you need is a designer, videographer to produce effective content to identify and advertise your brand to attract the holiday shoppers.

4. Global Shipping Strategy

Global Shipping Strategy

In this holiday season, anything done in the favour of customers gives you more sales. One of the most important factors that work is to understand their logistics need. Find room in your budget and offer free shipping to them. Helping customers with shipping will reduce the overall price of the product and help you compete well in the market.

Another thing you can add is offering international shipping. This will give your business an international exposure, rather than making it confined to your locality.

Also one can take advantage of trends in the sharing economy like Shopify and uber have teamed up to help deliver the products instantly to customers. For all this, all you need is an online distributor to sell your products online.

5. A beautiful, responsive website.

A Beautiful, Responsive Website

Today the tech-savvy consumers opt to open their laptop to check your business online instead of driving to the nearest shopping mall. The small pocket digital devices consumers can now browse, research and compare prices online before stepping into the store.

Nowadays mobile shopping is on the rise and if the website isn’t well responsive then it may deliver a bad impression on the consumers. To make your website attractive and user-friendly all you need is a designer and a developer to polish up your website and ensure ecommerce abilities on the back-end.

Above all, remember to have fun this holiday season, make your employees and your shoppers happy and it is a guarantee that you translate them into permanent customers. Don’t miss out this opportunity to make extra profits.

Happy Holidays!!

3 Effective Ways to Understand Your Customers

3 Effective Ways to Understand Your Customers

How to understand your customers? This is the major question asked by any industry or enterprise. To better understand your customers you need to step down in their shoes. For better understanding, you need to have a better engagement. One needs to maintain the proper business communication between the consumer and the brand. This communication can be done through interaction and gather the overall customer experience either online or offline regarding a product, service or brand.

Though in a best eCommerce platform there isn’t a customer who is walking in the store, it becomes equally important to interact with them and gather their requirements and expectations from sellers. For any eCommerce platform, it is very important to exceed the expectations of their customer as they are the heart and soul of their business. And thus it becomes very important to keep proper engagement with their customers. The problem is there that there are companies who focus very less on customer interaction and more on pushing sales pitch on their them. Successful brands and business who interact with their customers know their value, as understanding them isn’t as complicated as it seems. Just you need is proper data gathering and analysis. eCommerce industries especially need to measure and analyze data in better ways to keep their customers engaged as they are not physically present in front of them. To understand better check out the following ways to keep the customers engaged.

1. Get Insights – Step in Their Shoes

Get Insights - Step in Their Shoes

To know customer experience you need data and a consumer-centric approach. The study shows that only 8% of consumers feel great about their online shopping experience. The understanding customer requires you to take a hard look at the points at which your customer contact with the business, especially in the eCommerce sector as a consumer is not physically present in front of you.
What you need to understand about the consumer or buyer is-

  1. Who are your buyers? (The age group)
  2. What do your buyers want from your eStore? (What they expect from you)
  3. How do the buyers take a decision to buy a product?
  4. Where do the buyers go to gather information about the product? (Their preferences)

The buyer never goes for the price at first. They focus more on the ROI (Return On Investment). The prices are totally meaningless if the product as no ROI. The companies who lead with price will gain success at first but will soon lose loyalty and trust if their products don’t go up to the mark. Definitely, you don’t want your company to be one of them.

This process makes you understand your buyer’s needs, their buying process, all these things help in gaining their trust and loyalty. The more aligned you are with the buyer’s journey the better the chance that you have of being their companion and win their trust and business.

2. Collect and Analyze Customer Data

Collect and Analyze Customer Data

All the companies have a  Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) holding valuable information about your customers. By inspecting and analyzing the data, you can study the pattern in which your customers typically make orders. How much time they take to place the order? What all research they do before placing the order? By collecting such data you easily analyze your performance.
Now the point comes what kind of data to collect.

One can collect personal data such as Customer names and mailing lists allowing you to do personalize your communication and interactions. You can directly take a follow-up if there is any problem with their order, also easily share the offers and discounts information by sending promotional emails. Other data to collect can be age, profession, and gender to understand their shopping pattern.

Recognizing and analyzing each customer’s transaction history like what products they recently browsed, what transactions they made will help you know which products and services to offer them in future. Also, the companies should encrypt all the customers’ data to safeguard it.

Check out the benefits of collecting the data-

  1. Identify and Verify Issues
  2. Proactively address issues, measure progress and capitalize on opportunities.
  3. Gain trust, develop effective and respectful consultations
  4. Reduce exposure to possible legal action and human rights complaints.

3. Ask them what they think

Ask them what they think

You cannot make your business survive without making an ongoing effort to better understand customer requirements and expectations. To check that your online store is having positive effect or not you need to manage regular communication with your customers. Gathering feedback after every purchase they mage will let you know the changes you need to bring in your online store and the services.

Ways one can choose to interact with the customers

  1. Conduct Surveys- Conducting a simple email survey to acquire customer feedback will make your customers value. Once you make changes according to the feedback, then you can tell people what have you done as a result of their feedback. From the surveys conducted you will get to know your staff behavior from the order of product to delivery till after sales services.

In surveys, they can directly share the bad experiences from your company to you rather than discussing with friends. Unless you actively consult your customers directly you will never discover the loopholes going wrong in your business.

  1. Hold Contest- Getting frequently engaged with customers and holding contests to increase interaction will help your business a lot to read the customer’s mind. Set up customer contact programme to keep in touch with clients. Holding contest will not only grab attention but will keep them engaged with your eCommerce store. Rewarding them for their participation will force them to make next transaction or play another contest. In contests, you could ask customers to share creative photos and tag your eCommerce Store and the chosen winner receives a product or free some points for next purchases.

Thus we can make out that to create online store is not only the thing you need to do after starting the business. You need to continuously interact with your customers, speak to your customers gather their requirements and expectations. To have the best interaction use only the limited crucial information about overall customer satisfaction. Today through eCommerce, selling products online has become a great way for companies and even for retailers to bring their business into the limelight. By doing proper research and understanding your customer you will establish trust, credibility and ultimately increase your brand value.