How to Create Noise for Your Ecommerce Online and Sell Online?

How to Create Noise for Your Ecommerce Online and Sell Online?

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. And because it is the best way to sell online for any eCommerce business – here are a few ways in which you can create a presence to sell online and improve your brand on social media to improve your business.

Engagement on social media platforms

Whichever social media platform you choose, you need to strike and keep conversations going. Because your users want to know that they are interacting with a human behind your company’s Facebook or Twitter account. Because without engagement, your promotions will convert poorly. Therefore, you can link your product photos with product pages. That way, it will generate traffic and help to sell online through your website as well. Read more

The Right Way to Price Your Products to Sell Online

The Right Way to Price Your Products to Sell Online

For a business, the best to succeed is to product pricing the right way and better than your competitors. This way, you can enhance the amount you sell. By creating the foundation for a business that will prosper.

There are a number of different types of ecommerce pricing strategies for a business. But, there is no specific formula-based approach that suits all types of products, businesses, or markets. When pricing your products, there are certain factors involved. This includes pinpointing your target customer, tracking how much competitors are changing. And understanding the relationship between quality and price.

Here are some ways in which you can achieve your business goals with the right kind of product pricing. Read more

How Important is SEO for Ecommerce Site?

How Important is SEO for Ecommerce Site?

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role. This results in generating good revenue with any of the best ecommerce site. For large business. Therefore, there are few important factors. Which are needed to be kept in mind. In order to optimize your ecommerce site. To ensure a good SEO.

Here is the list of things which affect SEO of ecommerce site:

Navigation Links: These links are basically the product and page categories. Which appear under the navigation menu. On any ecommerce  site. Hence, few of the platforms generate these links automatically.

Page Titles: The page titles are basically the name. Which appears on the left top corner of a browser. When you keep your cursor on the tab. Thus, it ideally should contain the search term. Which you are targeting. Read more

How To Lead A Team: The Horrible Way!

How To Lead A Team: The Horrible Way!

Leadership and a good leadership – both are two very different terms, in a broader sense. Leadership is not just about being a leader and instruct your followers, to make rules for them, to pose restrictions on them, etc. this is a common misconception – that those who are at top are called “leaders” and others who are the ones who “follow” them.

However, the fact is, honestly – just because you are at a top position doesn’t necessarily makes you a leader. Though some people would like to show off wearing that badge to show others “who is the boss” here – most of them are usually horrible bosses. Which obviously, they don’t, or won’t realise – even if someone shows them the truth.

When you are on a job, it mostly means working on teams. Teams would have leader too – some good, some okay, but some would have bad leadership qualities . Because everyone doesn’t know how to be a good leader – or basically, how to lead a team, the good way. Because, many team leaders are thrown into the role without training in many areas – building consensus, setting agendas, meeting deadlines, encouraging good ideas, and so on. This turns them into having poor leadership qualities.

Trying to think from a different perspective – not all leaders are created equal. This is the problem many organizations are suffering from – not being able to recognize good leaders from bad ones.

But, as they say, there is a solution to every single problem. If you really want to determine someone’s leadership ability, give them some responsibility and see what they do with it. It’s not always pretty, especially with leaders having bad leadership skills, but good leaders will find a way to get the job done.

Coming back to the topic – horrible bosses. No, not the movie – but the actual cases. So, what are those ways those horrible leaders lead their team, basically? Let’s read on a little more to determine what is bad leadership:

They Always Want To Be THE Star

Always want to be star

“The leader should take all the credit” – wrong! Absolutely wrong! When you are working in a team, the results are produced by team efforts. A good leader would never take all of the credit of the work, and pose as THE star. They would give the credit to whole team, instead. If a leader doesn’t serve well with the concept of “service first” – he is a bad leader. Ego, pride, and arrogance these are not positive leadership traits. A leader’s job is to inspire, guide, direct, teach, motivate, and ultimately help others succeed – not to steal the spotlight. Real leaders know how to step back and let others shine.

Expecting Others To Follow The Rules They Themselves Don’t Follow


Leaders should be able to set an example – a good one on that. And for that, they need to follow the same rules they expect their teams to follow. When you are leading a team, you need to take every person with you agreeing with you – ensuring that they are on the same page that you are. You can’t set different set of rules for your team than the ones you follow. A leader should be one from the team members – well, not literally. Being a leader, you have so much of an influence on your team–even down to the smallest habit.

Making Promises They Can’t Keep


There is no worse habit as a leader than making promises you know you can’t keep. Team never welcomes such kind of bad habit, in fact they start to follow the same. A leader has a responsibility towards its team – whatever he does influences his team members too. The fastest way to lose respect as a leader is to say you’re going to do something and then not do it.

Firstly, it’s because it encourages a very bad habit in those around you, it is so crucial that you do the things you say you are going to do. If you want to climb the ranks, this is one of the most effective ways to do it. Keep your word and people will soon learn that they can count on you.

Not Genuinely Admitting When They Are Wrong

admit when they are wrong

Not only leaders, but in general sense too – it is believed that, admitting to a mistake is a sign of weakness. However, it is just the opposite. Admitting to your mistakes is the most bravest thing you can ever do. Being incapable to owning up to your wrongs makes your team question whether or not they can trust you. Owning up to mistakes will establish trust and an even playing field with you and your team. When you own up to your mistakes, it gives a bigger scope of improvement – and those who can’t improve or learn, can never grow as a leader.

Criticize Others But Can’t Take Criticism

criticize others but

There are two types of criticism – healthy criticism and harsh criticism. Healthy criticism is how teams members push each other to improve and get better. Harsh criticism is what makes people unwilling and instills fear in them. It affects the self-esteem of the people. If your style of leadership is healthy and positive, expect others to do the same with you–which means you too will continue growing and improving. But if your style of leadership is harsh, then expect the same to come back to you–or worse, cause your entire team to go silent.

A Way To Say Who You Are – The Story Of Zri

A Way To Say Who You Are – The Story Of Zri

ZRi has been curated by the Mumbai-based duo, Anupama Jain and Aishwarya Namjoshi. Their love for the beautiful things in life, brought them together on this journey. ZRi – an English adaptation of the word “shri”, stands for light, chivalry, radiance and beauty among others in Sanskrit.

ZRi presents fine, handcrafted and gold-plated fashion jewelry. Each piece is designed inhouse and manufactured to perfection by a team of experts. As their tagline suggests – “STYLE is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak”


Zri 2

Being a commercial platform, ZRi not only serves for the needs of women, it also provides charities to those who are needy. ZRi donates Rs. 5 for each product sold to two well-known charities, which have addressed and supported people with life threatening issues. These include BMVSS – which is the world’s largest organisation serving the disabled. And, CanKids, which is a support group for cancer children and their families across India.

A Fashion Portal Which Speaks For Itself

Zri 3

ZRi strives for quality control, customer satisfaction, express delivery and secure payment. Their motto is constant innovation with diverse raw materials and techniques – to aim for 100% customer satisfaction. It is inspired by nature and caters to women for different occasions – be it at work to make a statement or to let her hair down at a fancy party, an informal lunch or a chat over coffee…

Their jewellery ranges from different varieties of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings and even includes some headwears too.

The collection titles are inspired by the many names – ASTA, TARA, SEREN, SITARA, IZAR and FALAK. Because – the most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion.

ZRi And BuildaBazaar

With a brand always striving to deliver the best to its customers, BuildaBazaar has found a partner which would be glad to help in constantly expanding their business. And, they can be assured of a long journey ahead with BaB.

Saudi Telecom Company builds next generation mobile experience using Infibeam’s Buildabazaar platform (

India:…July 2016: Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the largest modern mobile network operator in the Middle East, recently launched “Jawwy from STC”, a new digital mobile experience for today’s tech savvy millennials. Jawwy, which means “my way” in Arabic, is a global first, utilizing an online, digital-first service model featuring its own SIM, app and freshly designed digital channels for sales and customer care. Two-thirds of the Saudi population are under the age of 30, and this new mobile experience caters specifically to the needs of young consumers in the Kingdom.

STC chose Infibeam for Jawwy to use the company’s end-to-end e-commerce solution. The integration of Infibeam’s platform with social media allows aggregation of users from all social media networks, enabling Jawwy to integrate digital and physical retail channels to deliver a new buying experience and serve its target market more nimbly than other mobile service brands.

“We designed a new end-to-end experience to meet the needs and preferences of a new generation of mobile users, utilizing digital means to bypass physical challenges,” said Subhra Das, CEO of Jawwy from STC. “Infibeam’s “BuildaBazaar” in one component of the overall technology platform which has allowed us to bring this design to life, making our vision for a new digital mobile experience a reality, which we believe will set the pace of the telecom sector both in the Kingdom and beyond.”

“Jawwy is a technological and marketing breakthrough for the growing needs of digital and social network savvy customers, giving them total control over their mobile experience, and it is the future of mobile,” said Vishal Mehta, Managing Director of Infibeam. “We are happy to provide our platform to STC and support them on this groundbreaking new digital initiative.”

About Infibeam Incorporation Limited: BSE/NSE
Infibeam is one of the leading Indian e-commerce company focused on developing an integrated and synergistic e-commerce business model. Infibeam has achieved a rare distinction in global e-commerce market by providing cloud-based modular and customizable digital solutions which comprises of BuildaBazaar enterprise platform and marketplace in India.

BuildaBazaar, Infibeam’s advance hosting and enterprise technology platform enable complex, modular and customizable e-commerce solutions on a scalable platform capable of implementing large transaction, volume with minimal downtime. The platform is capable of supporting mobile application framework, digital product catalogue, content management, digital promotions, payment gateway integrations, logistics and inventory management. BuildaBazaar platform incorporates multi-lingual and multi-currency operations that allows to expand rapidly in India & internationally.

About STC
Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Telecom Group is the largest telecommunications company in the Middle East and North Africa based on market value, with revenues of 50,836,000,000 billion riyals ($13,556,000,000) in realizable revenue in 2015 and 9,334,000,000 billion riyals ($2,489,000,000 dollars) of net income.
STC was established in 1998 and currently has about 100,000,000 customers worldwide and serves customers through a fiber-optic network that spans 137,000 kilometers across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In Saudi Arabia (the group’s major market) STC operates the largest modern mobile network in the Middle East covering over 99% of the country’s populated areas in addition to providing 4G mobile broadband service to over 85% of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Besides its wholly-owned main operation in Saudi Arabia, STC’s investments include 100% ownership of Viva Bahrain, 51.8% of Viva Kuwait (along with a management contract), 35% of Oger Telecom Limited in UAE (which controls Turk Telecom, Avea in Turkey, Cell-C in South Africa, and 25% of Binariang GSM Holding in Malaysia which controls Maxis in Malaysia and Aircel in India). In addition to the above, STC has other investments in information technology, content, distribution, contact centers and real estate, all of which support its telecommunications operations across the Middle East.

About Jawwy from STC
Jawwy from STC is a new digital mobile experience for today’s digital millennials. We say it is ‘Personal mobile service, in an app.’ It has its own SIM, app and freshly designed digital channels for buying and receiving support. With the app, users can build, manage and share their plan in real time, giving them complete control over the services they buy and use. The app is available in iOS and Android versions. To now more, visit

Jawwy from STC: Ash Banerjee, or Maha Al Shunaifi,
Infibeam: Shekhar Singh,
Weber Shandwick: Tara Al-Farouqi or Sheryn Boustany

Tiny Toddler – One Little Click At A Time

Image source:
Image source:

Everything must be a click away. If you want to make an impression, your online presence is crucial if not merely necessary. Akriti Gupta recognised the need for online presence and made sure she took her company, Tiny Toddler, to the ways of the web world.

When asked about her choice to set up an online store, Akriti put it in the simplest way- “E-commerce stores do not just mean selling of your products or services. Having an e-commerce platform is a way of getting to know your clients and that is what takes your company a step further.”

Read more

The Success Story of petsGOnuts

The Success Story of petsGOnuts


Abhishek Bhowmick, the proud owner of petsGOnuts, is an ardent animal lover, belonging to the city of Mumbai. Not only is he an Animal Welfare officer attached to the Bombay High Court, but he’s also been the 2011 winner of the Godfrey Phillip Bravery Award.

The Idea, The Drive – The Beginning

Even though he could have easily gone for a retail pet store, Abhishek chose to go the e-commerce way, as he wanted to reach out a larger sect of our target audience across different geographical locations of India. petsGOnuts sells some of the finest accessories for dogs and cats. And these products are often restricted to people living in the metros. But since they are catering online today, they can reach out to people in remote places, like Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh as well. Moreover, we know that by 2020 almost 80% of retail stores are going to close down and only cater online. This was also an inclination for Abhishek to start an online pet store.

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Product Image Zoom – BuildaBazaar Tutorials

Product Image Zoom – BuildaBazaar Tutorials


Image Zoom feature

There are lots of products where the image of the product gives a lot of detail to the interested buyer.

This feature is required when you want to ensure that the product page images can be zoomed and user can view the image of the product in detail. So many categories like apparel, shoes, furniture, home furnishings, etc need to displayed in detail and the only way to look at them in detail is to zoom the image.

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