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How to list your products on Amazon – BuildaBazaar Tutorial

How to list your products on Amazon – BuildaBazaar Tutorial
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Amazon integration feature.

Prerequisites :

  • Seller requests to BuildaBazaar sales team to list the products on Amazon.in.
  • BuildaBazaar Sales teams evaluates for the plan details and approves to list the seller.

Steps for Integration

Seller needs to Sign Up to Amazon Seller Account and provide the following details to BuildaBazaar team

  • Merchant id
  • Marketplace id
  • AWS Access Key id
  • Secret Key

Site owners have to enable the feature “Amazon Listing” in /site_features.

Now site owner / sales team has to go the below link and add the details.




The Seller needs to upload the required products in the channel provided in Admin panel,

To upload the products seller has to go to the below link and click on Product mapping Tab.



Click on Download to get the sample template to upload the products to amazon.


Fill in the details given template in the BAB admin panel

  • Channel Sku (* Mandatory) — ASIN

Feed identifier is ASIN (BAB-Amazon)

– ASIN will be provided by the amazon team

– Use Existing ASIN if already available for the product

– If ASIN does not exist for seller product, seller needs to provide

Complete information to Amazon Support center for creation of ASIN.

  • BuildaBazaar Site Sku (* Mandatory)
  • Transfer price – (If seller wants change price on Amazon.in)
  • Third party Status – (To Be Active ot Inactive on Amazon)
  • Recommended browse node – (This is for Junglee Listing)

Save in csv format and upload.

All the products that are sucessfully uploaded will be now listed on Amazon

Seller central Panel => Amazon.in

Client has control on which products to be pushed in amazon.

To add new products in Amazon client has to get the ASIN number for the new products from Amazon and then upload the sheet.

Feed Download 


Feed Download option gives you the option to Download the Data which is mapped with Amazon as well as unmapped products


On selecting orders client can see all orders from Amazon

Integration reflections from BuildaBazaar catalogue

  • Price
  • Stock
  • Shipping cost

A job runs every 2 hrs to sync price, stock and shipping cost between BuildaBazaar and Amazon.

If Product has Transfer price then the sync will not pick the price from BuildaBazaar

Limitations of BuildaBazaar-Amazon Integration feature

  • Only one way integartion is done, any update done on amazon seller panel will not change same information on BAB.
  • Seller has to manage both the Panels (BAB and Amazon seller central) for processing further.

Order Integration

  • Orders will be placed in Amazon.
  • Amazon will Fraud Approve the orders
  • All the orders in Confirmed in Amazon panel will be pulled to BuildaBazaar panel through Reports.
  • Merchant needs to schedule the Job of the Order report on amazon for interval of 15 mins
  • A job runs every 15 minutes(this can be customized) in Amazon and it will push all the orders in FIP to BuildaBazaar. PG will be dummy.
  • Now the orders will be visible in BuildaBazaar.
  • Merchant has to fulfill the order within 3 days, else the order will be canceled in Amazon Panel.
  • All the orders in Complete state in BuildaBazaar will be moved to Amazon, this data is sent in shipment level. Along with shipping and tracking information.
  • For partially complete orders, complete shipment and refund pending shipment will be sent to Amazon panel.
  • Amazon will take care of the Refund process.
  • Billing will done as Amazon standards.

In case you have any questions / concerns, please get in touch with our Sales team.

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  1. Since it is only one way integration mentioned in the article. What if the seller wants to change and update the same on BAB. Should it be done manually?

  2. Vijay Kumar says:

    What does the secret key here mean? Will it be provided when the seller sign’s up on Amazon seller account.

  3. As a person from the e-commerce industry, I was not aware of many easy tips to improve my website. Thanks to your blog I am well informed now!

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