A Guide To “eCommerce Logistics” For Small Businesses

A Guide To “eCommerce Logistics” For Small Businesses
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If you want your business to prosper then eCommerce logistics is one of the most crucial factor that should focus upon. After all, the eCommerce industry is all about keeping your customers happy. And what’s better than an on time delivery for a customer.

Bad eCommerce logistics are one of the major reasons for customers to move their trust from one company to another. Also, it is one of the significant cause for shopping cart abandonment. Not only it leaves and a customer unsatisfied but also reduces your number of prospects.

Remember, as one happy customers praises you and tells nin other customers, one unhappy customer too tells nine other potential customers about you!

Hence, if it comes to the loyalty of a customer towards your eCommerce solution, shipping speed and the costs matter a lot. Still, free over fast has an upper hand to retain customers. But if you are giving free shipping but after a month, that’s a big no. Both fast and free need to be optimized in order to ensure the sustainable development of your online business.

So, in today’s competitive environment shipping costs and estimated delivery time often play a role in deciding the sales. Hence in order to make sure that the buying takes place, the shipping costs should be competitive.

Why not take a look in how to go about the shipping process for a startup or a small business?

If you are just a startup with a small scale business and very less volume of deliveries and sales, one or may be two delivery vendors can help you out and handle your shipping needs. But as your business grows, you need to tie up your business with multiple vendors across multiple areas to give a seamless service.

Although a single courier or shipping service may seem like the perfect solution and a loyal one too. But it might not turn up to be the right one. In order have a cost effective delivery system, you need to mix and match carrier solutions according to your business needs. For example have different carriers for bulk orders and single orders or for domestic deliveries and business deliveries and so on.

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In this regard, BuildaBazaar, as an eCommerce software, gives complete eCommerce website solutions and not only it is the most affordable online store builder in India but also helps after the store is created. BuildaBazaar can help you connect with multiple shipping partners across India for that flawless delivery system that you much needed for your customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, it is the customer’s expectation and satisfaction that matter and is also the backbone of the eCommerce industry so is eCommerce logistics. A delivery system that saves you money and delivers on time is what you should be looking for and that too for the long term.

So, get up and get going, use the best eCommerce software in India to get your store online in 24 hours.

Happy Business!

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