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The Closet With A Difference – Lola’s Closet

The Closet With A Difference – Lola’s Closet
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Can you guess the magnitude of contribution of fashion industry in today’s e-commerce scenario? Out of the estimated USD 11bn worth of e-commerce market in India, the fashion industry alone contributes a whopping USD 559 million. Numerous large, medium and small enterprises come together to huge sector, one such contributor is Priyanka Swahney who owns


Early Life

A Closet With A Difference - Lola's Closet

Priyanka Sawhney

Priyanka has had a special inclination towards art from the start.
She loves dancing and fine arts. She has studied accounting and finance but felt the need to do something more creative and out of the box. Hence, she started working at a social media marketing firm after graduation and eventually found Lola’s Closet a year later.

When asked about her love for fashion, Priyanka says “Ever since I was a child I had a keen interest in fashion and I’ve always been experimental with my style. I’ve always been into high street fashion and street style fashion. Though I appreciate the designs and fashion that luxury brands and high-end designers have to offer, everyday high street fashion is more my thing”.

Starting Up Lola’s Closet

To start Lola’s Closet was a turning point in Priyanka’s life. She always had interest in fashion but never really thought about taking it up as a career. She used to frequently visit sites like and as the online shopping culture in India had just picked up. Priyanka recalls, “I thought to myself that the time was right to start something like Lola’s Closet” . Priyanka realised that there were tons of fashion-forward girls in India who did not have access to the international fashion stores in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The case was the same even in the big cities, as there were only a few affordable international fashion brands. That’s when Priyanka too the decision to start an online store for the young fashion forward Indian girl so she could keep up with changing fashion trends at very pocket-friendly prices.

According to Priyanka, her family has been incredibly supportive of her venture.


Story Behind The Name

We asked Priyanka the reason behind the lovely and quirky name of the store, she candidly replied, “My nickname is actually Lola. Ever since I was a child my dad has been calling me by that name. All my friends caught onto it somewhere around the 9th grade and now everyone refers to me as Lola. So when I was coming up with the brand I thought why not call it Lola’s Closet as the styles will be hand-picked by me and would be things that you’ll probably find in my closet and would be based on my taste”.


The Best Of Lola’s Closet

Every designer has their own personal favourite products designed by them, so we asked Priyanka if she too had some of the favourites from Lola’s Closet, To that she said “My personal favourites have to be the Different Strokes Skirt Set, the Taylor Brown Sunglasses & the Case Closed Mint Clutch”.

IMG_7207Priyanka Swahney Sunglasses1 1238  Case Closed Mint Clutch


Apart from an extraordinary range of clothes and accessories, Priyanka says, “Our best selling product category is our sunglasses. A few of our best selling items have been the Vintage Round Brown Sunglasses, the Vintage Round Reflective Sunglasses & the Feline Effect Gold Cat Eye Sunglasses”.


Being A Woman Entrepreneur

When we asked Priyanka about the challenges she had to face, she describes, “I had a little trouble finding an office space in a safe area as my family didn’t want me to work late hours somewhere far from home. I’ve also faced some issues with the postal service, printers and packaging agents. Maybe these issues wouldn’t have taken place if there was a man dealing with them. As a young female entrepreneur sometimes you have to work much harder to get your point across or to make others feel like you mean business.”

In the coming years, Priyanka is keen on trying out some more domains and add versatility to the products from Lola’s Closet. Priyanka said, “We’re planning on trying out some more verticals like home décor and phone accessories in the next 6 months”.

In the estimated USD11 billion e-commerce market in India, the fashion industry solely contributes around USD 559 million. 

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