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9 Reasons for why you need an SSL Certification Today for Your Online Store

9 Reasons for why you need an SSL Certification Today for Your Online Store
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We previously enlightened you about the step-by-step process to integrate an SSL Certification for your online store. But today, we will give you reasons for why you need an SSL certified website. SSL protocol stands for Secure Socket Layers. It is a process where data is passed between the user and server is encrypted/decrypted so that no external third party can hijack the connection. Yes, It is as simple as it sounds. But it is very important for your online store to be SSL Certified because it assures you the security for your website. It will help you secure the experience of an online transaction for your customer.

You can call SSL, a digital passport that verifies the credentials of your store as well as the end web server. When both identities are verified, SSL grants a secured connection through HTTPS. Below are a few key aspects of an SSL certificate.

Name of the Owner

Certificate’s serial number that is used for identification

Expiration date of the certificate

The Certificate’s public key used to encrypt information

The Certificate’s private key used to decrypt information

You don’t need to understand the use for all of this information fully. So, In some instances you’ll receive a certificate with even more information. None of it will directly affect the user; it affects only the connection between the server and remote computer.

I am sure I have partially convinced you through my points mentioned above. But still, as promised, I have to give you the reasons for certifying your website with SSL. So below are the list of reasons for why you should get SSL Certification for your online store.

1. To Build Trust Amongst The Consumers.

The SSL certification will increase the customer trust and confidence in your portal. As an e-commerce portal, your website must be dealing with a lot of private information about customers because since customers are shopping online, they must be sharing their financial details on your website. In such cases, it is very essential for your website to be SSL certified. Having your site SSL enabled protects this information from sniffing and shows that you care about your customers, which will help you gain a trust amongst your customers. It will also increase the customer confidence and trust in your online store and will also help you gain more potential customers. Moreover, SSL is a norm for e-commerce sites and customers will be expecting it to be there.

2. Online Security

As an online merchant, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information you collect from your customers is protected. This will shield you and your customers by making sure that no one can interfere and misuse your customer’s credit card information. Securing your website with SSL certificate can prevent your site from being sniffed. The very important reason to have an SSL certificate is that your customers are providing you with very important and personal information that gives direct access to their hard earned money. If an identity thief gets access to your customer’s credit card information because your website is not SSL certified then, it can be pretty devastating to you as well as to your customer. Your customers need to know that you value their security and privacy and are serious about protecting their information.

According to a survey done by Google India, there were 35 million online shoppers in India in 2014, and they have predicted a whooping 100 million increase by the end of the year 2016. Since a lot of people today are becoming savvy online shoppers, it is very necessary to protect your e-commerce store from potential thieves and hackers.

3. Enables Payment Via Credit Card/Debit Card

These days most of the people prefer to pay via credit or debit card because they think it is much better than asking for cash on delivery. In cash on delivery, you have to keep the cash ready that can be a bit inconvenient sometimes. So they choose the option of making payment by credit or debit card. Such transactions can take place on your website only when you have a payment gateway page. It gives you and your customers the reassurance and security. As noted above, passwords are the most obvious thing to protect. If you do not have membership or public user base, then your personal admin passwords may be the only ones you need to think about. If you do not do website administration from public WiFi networks, then this is not a major concern. Private data is the information that should only be known by the website owner and the user. For example, A Credit card number. If you outsource your credit card processing to an external e-commerce gateway, the transactions are protected by your e-commerce provider’s SSL. Adding SSL on your website is not necessary in this case.

4. Build Trust Amongst The Stakeholders

Yes, owning an SSL certified website will make you gain a certain amount of respect amongst the stakeholders as it will ensure that your website is completely sound and secure. When it comes to trust of the stakeholders, it is very important for the brand of your website. In case you don’t want to certify all the pages of your website, you will have to choose pages for the SSL certification. The stakeholders are the ones apart from your customers and you, who are going to be most affected if anything goes wrong on your website.

5. Protects From Phishing

When your website is SSL certified, you are taking a step forward to save your website from Phishing as well as from Malware attackers. You protect your customer’s information from exposing it to Malware attackers. There are other steps that users should personally deploy to be on the safe side and also to avoid falling prey to the trap set by hackers.

Phishing attacks are often carried out through e-mails and sometimes, they even try to bypass the encryption system deployed by SSL Certificate. Reports reveal that these issues are also spread through instant messengers, web browsers and even random marketing mails that hit your inbox. An unsuspecting individual will usually be unaware of what the e-mail is up to and end up clicking it simply out of curiosity. The message will promise an amazing offer, discount product or sometimes even claim to provide prize money.

6. Encrypted Data

SSL encrypts the data which is exchanged between your website server and your website visitor. The SSL certificate is critical for such information as credit card numbers, passwords, and private user information. For example, if someone maliciously takes control of a cafe’s WiFi router from where your visitor is connecting to your store, even if they capture all the information sent by your member to your store, they cannot decipher what the data is because it is encrypted.

7. Increased Sales Conversion

Yes, you are reading it right, SSL certification can help you in increasing your sales conversions. Using the right type of SSL certificate can shoot up your sales conversion rates that can lead to increased revenue. You have to keep this in mind when you think that the pricing of SSL certificates is “high” because it is at the end for the benefit of your business. Gaining the trust of your visitors can help you gain the trust of your visitors, and that in-turn will help you gain good sales conversion rates.

The benefits of HTTPS on sales has been known for a long time. I can prove it to you. An article from 2006 breaks down various studies and researches that were done with regards to SSL and sales.

8. Offers Added Brand Power

Owning SSL certification for your website can help you in making a good reputation of your store. Today, a lot of people know about internet security. Well, when you are buying something obviously your account details get exposed to the giant web. But if your customers know how safe and secure your website is, it automatically gives you an upper hand in the market as compared to all the other online stores who don’t have SSL Certification. This upper hand will give your brand a good name and identity in the market.

9. SSL Certification Can Mean Higher Ranking On Google

An SSL certificate can help you boost your SEO. Yes, you read it right. SSL certification is important enough that Google and other search engines take SSL into consideration for ranking websites. So having SSL will improve your SEO. It is essential to get listed at the start of Google search. Moreover as an online store it is very important to appear on top in a search engine result especially Google.

Therefore, an SSL  certification is important for your website’s reputation as well as safety.

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