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7 Reasons Why Every E-commerce Owners Should Start Their Own Company Blog

7 Reasons Why Every E-commerce Owners Should Start Their Own Company Blog
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As a start-up there’s always a question which arises and that is: Why is blogging so necessary? So an attempt, with a strong inclination to help you know the importance of a company blog and share awareness about why you need blogging to be one of the top players in the game.

In today’s business world, blogging is not just an option for Online Stores. It has become mandatory. It will help you voice your opinion as a brand. Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. A blog will help you to connect with your customers and will make your presence felt among the other players of your field. It will help increase the engagement ratio on your website. Also, blogging has become really important for online survival today.

Still not convinced?? Read on.. because we give you Seven reasons for why you should start blogging now and how will it help you to sell online.

  1. Attract instant traffic


Having a blog is an effective way to attract traffic. Today, a company blog has become a very important segment of your website where stakeholders and potential customers want to look and analyse the company’s views about the industry even before they look at the products/services the company is offering. To have a blog is the best way to increase your company’s sales and marketing. The best part about having a blog is that it doesn’t make your company website static as you keep on updating your blog.

2. It makes you an industry expert 


When you write a blog for your company’s website, you write about the latest trends of the industry of your concern, which requires a lot of research and evolve you as an expert. You can establish yourself as the go-to guy in your industry. You can post valuable content, help people resolve their issues, offer new ideas and business solutions through your blog. This will help you uplift your reputation in the industry.

3. Helps in image building of your brand


A brand represents consistency, credibility, a sense of association and a loyal community. Your blog can be the perfect place to get started with your branding activities and help you achieve all the attention from the industry. Post a type of content which truly reflects the values of your brand and connect with your consumers on every important occasion. Keep a proper schedule of posting of your blogs and keep them engaged with your brand.

4. Centre of Marketing activities


A blog can very easily become the centre for your marketing activities as you can write about the recent developments happening in your company or about a new product that has been launched by your brand. You can talk about the latest ongoing trends and post about success stories about your delighted customers . However, the one aspect you will have to take care is to maintain a proper schedule of your blog posts because it signifies your brand to your customers and the people who regularly follow your blog.

5. Power of social share


When you start creating content by yourself and posting it on social media, you’re providing value. That’s one of the top things you can do to gain organic following on social media sites. You know your business inside and out, and that means that you have the knowledge to add to the conversation. It’s just a matter of writing it down and sharing it. When you write your own content, you have built-in material for sharing on social media–and when people like and share your content, it means that your site gets more clicks. “Doing social media” by sharing curated content is okay–but if you want to really start seeing real results from your social media marketing efforts, you need to become a content creator yourself. A blog is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to start creating your own viral content.

6. Juicing up your SEO 


Any kind of new content is always welcome on search engines. If you are creating a frequently updated content that uses your SEO keywords and is correctly optimized for search, you can boost your SERP ranking much better than you could with a site that just has static content on it. A blog saves your site from being static. It’s also nice because what you get out of it is what you put into it. You don’t need to pay for Google Adwords or sponsored links if your blog is highly SEO optimized that people are visiting, commenting on, and sharing your posts. It will take some time if you are starting from scratch, but stick with it! To put is in simple words, blogging is powerful. You get to boost your SEO ranking as well as you’re creating original content that belongs to you and not some other website.

7. Blogs help you build subscription list


Subscription lists are really important in determining the success or failure of your online business. If you want people to subscribe to your website, then you will have to have a bright and vibrant website and to add to it you will also need an active blog to build your mailing list. When your visitors see that the content posted on your blog is important and valuable, they’ll be happy to subscribe. You can offer brief eBooks or small promotions in return for their email addresses or simply sign them up for a short email course. Sky’s the limit!!

In this way, a blog can actually help you in creating your own identity and reputation and will help your company to gain more and more potential customers. It will also establish you as a “Know all” person of your industry.

Manasi Deo

Loves to write about E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Social Media. Honest, talkative, Foodie and love watching movies.

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  1. Gineel Navalkar says:

    Blogging in today’s world has not just become an option but compulsory to get one’s business going.

  2. One of the key role in today’s business is customer engagement and having a company blog increases the engagement ratio of your website.

  3. Damien Banks says:

    The best advantage of writing a blog of your website is that it makes you an expert and not just your company, but you too get recognized.

    • Manasi Deo says:

      Absolutely right Damien! It does project you as well as your brand the best in the industry.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Samritha Patil says:

    It’s indeed a wonderful way to make people subscribe to your website, having a blog helps in building subscription list.

    • Manasi Deo says:

      Very True Samritha. If the content is relevant then the people will subscribe to your website. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Prem Kumar says:

    I was reading about e-commerce companies and their importance to have a blog, when I came across this interesting write-up. All the newbies in e-commerce can get their insights from here.

    • Manasi Deo says:

      Thanks a lot, Prem Kumar. Your comment was very encouraging. Please subscribe to our blog for latest blog posts.

  6. Jai Singh says:

    When I started my e-commerce venture, I knew the first thing that could get my brand recognized is to create a blog and that’s how I got traffic to my website.

    • Manasi Deo says:

      Definitely yes. A blog helps you to create an identity, an image of your company or product or brand.

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. Arjun Sahni says:

    If you are still not aware of the wonders that a blog can do to your business, read this write-up, you will surely get a proper knowledge about it.

  8. Armaan Malik says:

    So, the next time you think of getting your content viral, create a blog. It is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to sell online.

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