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6 Tips For Finding The Best Talent For Your Startup

6 Tips For Finding The Best Talent For Your Startup
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If you don’t have right men for your idea to work it upon – that’s as good as a vision without a direction. And, if you don’t have a direction to carry forward your idea, it all becomes a situation of make or break. Hiring people for your business is one of most important things while starting up your business.

Bad hiring process can prove as fatal for the business, as any other decision. A hiring crisis can dismantle the capabilities of a startup to get its products built in time. Hiring can be one of the most important tasks as a business leader – and which is not easy. It can also be a really time-consuming process which will include some monetary and reputational consequences too, if you couldn’t hire right people.

Finding the right person who is not just technically capable but also a good fit for the company, is important. Successful companies have a recruitment process which includes – how to attract high-quality candidates, evaluate them in different areas, and taking the time to get to know those persons in different ways.

Employees who are hired first hand – not only increase cash burn of a startup, but also greatly impact company culture. So, identifying and hiring first non-founding employees is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will ever make.

One of the most important and common aspects of startup businesses is – they don’t start their search their hunt for talent until they have a specific job for it. Some might find people who are perfect for the job, luckily – but some would spend a lot of time to get that perfect hire for their team. So, there should be a constant hunt for the talent search.

Hiring the first employees would probably mean – not offering big paychecks and corporate benefits. Consequently, a founder must also be able to compellingly share their long-term vision. An understanding of the overall vision and subsequent buy-in can make the leap to your startup worthwhile for a potential employee.

So, what should be considered while hiring the best people for the jobs? What are the things that helps companies in their best hiring process?. Here are some of the tips that might be needed to consider which may lead to best recruitment process:

Better Job Description

Describing what job is – is the most important thing undoubtedly. But how the job should and must be described? That is even more important. If a job is not described carefully, it can lead to poor selection of the candidates. A proper description of responsibilities, duties and everything which is required by the person for the job must be clearly stated and it should be clearly mentioned what they are looking for. But that doesn’t mean a detailed and a long account of all the things – it should be of appropriate length which can give a clear idea to the candidate for which he is applying for.

Look For Soft Skills

The right set of skills might be the most important factor in deciding, whether a candidate is a good fit for a particular role, or not – but the truth states that, though those skills can be acquired, but you cannot acquire personalities. Being able to navigate between various social situations and which also works well with others — is very important. The person with the exact necessary experience is the right person for the role – is not always the right way of thinking. Considering soft skills like regular interpersonal skills, communication skills, thought processes and emotional intelligence is important too. These skills define how a person works under all the circumstances – not only the situations which favour him, but also when the situations are against him.

Find Perfect Fit

A perfect fit for the job doesn’t only mean, the responsibilities and duties that were given to him are done perfectly by him. It also means the perfect or right personality. The personality that person possesses must go with the kind of the job he has been given. How a person deals with a particular problem also decides the way he is gonna work in the company. If the personality traits doesn’t match with the kind of job he has been given, then he might not be the perfect personality match for the job required.

Ask Right Questions

You can never tell or judge how a person is, from their first impression. It takes time to figure it all out. You can’t just say straight to face, how he is, but you can surely work it out by asking some valid questions – that can make you know about how the person is. If a question is asked to them about what was the reason behind leaving their earlier job, and they blame someone else – it becomes important to do a follow up after that too, and not leaving that question midway. It shows about the traits a person possess. And if this blame game continues, it’s better to look for a new candidate.

Let Candidates Question You

And interview is a two-way process, and it should always go that way. It’s not an interrogation, where the interviewer is questioning you about your life. It’s an introduction regarding both ways. Allowing your prospective employees to interview you will provide you a chance to see what’s important to them, – and, candidates will also get a chance to determine that they want to keep pursuing the job, or to take the decision otherwise. You should be open and honest about your ambitions and plans and what you want to achieve, there is no need to be secretive with the people you might be working with in the future. This would open them too and it would make you see their drive too.

Check Your Reviews

Just like the companies search and seek information about their prospective clients, prospective employees also seek insider information about companies they want to apply for. This includes salary estimates, interview tips and reviews from various companies you had association with in the past and current too.  And if this includes a lot of negative reviews, first you need to work upon  your company culture before you start looking for positions to be filled. Doing so can help improve more positive reviews that will attract quality employees.


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  1. Having a stratup is not an easy job. More over finding the right team is not simple. Very good tips for any business person.

  2. Renuka Biswas says:

    Appointing the right people to join your startup is a crucial decision which will affect the company in the long run.

  3. Very well written article. Bad hiring can prove fatal to any business. Asking the right questions will definitely help make the right decision.

  4. People who work in start ups are often driven towards achieving the goals of their company, which is what makes being employed in such a set up very inspiring.

  5. Jobs at start ups should not be viewed as a stop gap job but rather a serious commitment. Then, work becomes challenging and interesting.

  6. Soubhik Sarkar says:

    Very essential to understand that startups compensate employees in ways other than money. Appreciation, acknowledgement ect.

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