6 Things Your Employees Expect You To Know

6 Things Your Employees Expect You To Know
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The relation between employers and employees is usually a one-way street, when it should be a two-way. As important are employer’s expectations from employees, employees needs and expectations are equally important too. Understanding and keeping those expectations in mind can go a long way toward earning your employees’ respect and trust.

These skills and practices are also essential to help your business succeed. Confronting your employee’s needs has the power to keep professionals engaged, enhance organizational culture and attract fresh talent. Avoiding employee needs may result in a devastating opposite effect.

The basic needs like salaries and other benefits are provided by every employers. But employees needs and wants in an organization are much more, and employers aren’t really providing what they expect in a workplace. It has been proven that the most successful businesses are the ones that work the hardest to please their employees.

Employees can work any time from anyplace in any way, as long as they get their work done. By giving employees the trust and autonomy they need, they prove to be more productive and loyal to the company.

These are the main things which employees expect from their employers:

Help Them Set Goals


Setting up goals is a tools for generating motivation and they help you and your employees focus on what’s important for your business. Goal setting is about communication. The secret to setting goals that make a difference is to define your vision for your company and work collaboratively to help your employees set goals that align with that. Be sure their goals are measurable, relevant and attainable. Meeting at regular intervals to review achievements and setting new goals can be even encouraging.

Train Them On Your Processes


Training employees cost money to the business, yes, but not proving them on the job training can prove even costlier to the business. An in house training program can provide the essential skills the employees need to do the job more effectively. The training will also help them learn the procedures that allow them do it efficiently. Providing checklists for routine tasks can help in minimizing employee errors and yield more consistent results.
A consultant should also be appointed to review internal assessment every year.

Take Care Of Workers’ Compensation


Employers should know how to deal with the compensation of workers, when they fall sick or any other personal emergencies take place. Many businesses have the regulation of providing compensation in the insurance policies of their employees. This protection provides the benefit to the employees when they fall ill or the suffer from some injuries while on the job. This includes medical costs and other insurances which prove very beneficial in the long run. This also gives and emotional support to the employees.

Hire People


A business is built on people. Ideas take place to the execution through these people only. Hiring people is one of the most toughest job, after a business has been set into play of action. So many entries, resumes, whom to choose and whom to not – all this is a difficult job for an employer. Ultimately, an employer has to go according to his own instincts, no matter from where the applications came, whether they are good or not, are recommended or not – it all boils down to choosing the right people for your business.

Fire People


Just like hiring is a difficult task, firing is an equally difficult task. Firing an employee, though difficult, you cannot do anything else if that is the only option left for you. Consistent low performance from an employee may affect the team and in turn whole business too.

But there is a proper way to fire people too. There should be proper documentation of the reason and it should be clarified to the employee till he asks. It’s his right. Firing should not come as a surprise to employees, they should get an idea at least beforehand, and it should be a well thought out end decision.

Know How To Lead


Leading a team is a natural instinct in people, not everyone can lead efficiently and effectively. But it can be taught too as per the time and skills required to be a good leader. When you lead a team, the members expect you to lead them in a way that they all agree. You have to take whole team with you on every decision. And if someone disagrees, you have to convince them too.

Strong leaders and their leadership will encourage and motivate employees. And the ability to communicate, making tough decisions and delegate will also make your employees earn respect for you.


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