5 Ways You Can Kill It With Ecommerce Content Marketing

Creating valuable free content creates trust, builds your brand, keeps people informed, gives you something to share on social media and helps you rank in search engines. More importantly, content marketing helps you attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. But how many companies are actually walking the walk? And more importantly, how can ecommerce companies like yours create content that breeds fans and followers? It makes sense – if you offer a service or some kind of software that helps people do something, content marketing helps you position yourself in the customer’s eyes as an expert in that area. When people step up and show interest in your educational content, they’re letting you know that they might need other stuff you offer. But what about e-commerce marketing?

The same principle works for e-commerce companies, but the tactics need to be a little different. I think attention is even scarcer in the B2C e-commerce space, so content marketing in those verticals needs to be truly awesome – beautiful, exceptional, and all those other words that go into great content. Marketers are well aware of the fact that era of content marketing already started and that it started yesterday. They no longer question the “Why?”, they question the “How?”. How can marketing departments generate the high quality and quantity of content necessary to succeed in the new marketing era? If you ask what is content marketing, there are two very different answers. According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Other definition is based on experiences – Content marketing is communication. It’s that simple? Yes, it really is. Why? Because, the truth is, today’s consumers react to completely different kind of marketing – what worked for previous generations won’t necessarily see success with them. Content marketing is based on the premise you’ll answer your customer’s needs when he’s in the search of a solution. He might not know he needs your company, but he’ll learn that he does when he realizes he needs your expertise or relates to your story. Today, it’s all about killing interruption marketing with quality content. Here are 5 ways you can kill it with a better content marketing:

Tutorial Videos

How-to videos are an easy way to hook people into your content, especially if you sell a niche product on your site. They have a ton of videos on how to use what they sell. Customers can learn how to pick an exact shade, how to store their extensions, how to clip in the hair extensions, and how to use these extensions with short hair. They have a ton of videos on how to use what they sell. In other words, they’re giving something away for free (as an attraction strategy) and selling something related. Even better, how can you make sure your customer finds exactly you and your service (product) in the wild sea of Internet produced memes and cat pictures? Even though content might be a hard sell for a lot of eCommerce sites as it may seem auxiliary to the primary purpose of the site – to sell products – in reality it helps to bring in customers, convert them and then retain them. That’s because creating valuable free content creates trust, builds your brand, keeps people informed, gives you something to share on social media and helps you rank in search engines.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer which comes across as a perfect piece of advice when you’re deciding on content you should distribute. But there are definitely some tricks which might help you with making a rationalized decision. Whether you are an experienced marketer focusing on delivering quality content for years or you’re just starting with the adventure, these might come in handy – as a guidance or a friendly reminder. Before going around and promoting your service or your product, make sure you know how to explain both of the following – what’s your products value and what are its benefits. Value is what customer perceives as a relationship between what he’s paying for your product (or service) and the benefits he’s getting. And it’s important to note that benefits don’t explain what your products do, those are features.

Answering FAQs Creatively

Many ecommerce sites have FAQ pages to deal with common questions and alleviate customer support (and rank in search engines). FAQ pages are a necessary piece of content, so go out of the way to make them awesome. Put another way, having an awesome FAQ page will help you engage your customers, demonstrate your expertise and show your personality. Your customers have questions. Answer them creatively. Use FAQs to fuel ideas for content and boost yourself in search. Stop asking your virtual assistants to find you escorts. Keep in mind that this means creating value in your brand, not rushing the stories you want to share.

Give yourself enough time to engage with your readers. Advice number two is, as follows – start with what you want to say and you’ll figure out the most authentic way you can deliver that to your audience. Make sure to listen to them and iterate accordingly! Through all of those it is important to remember that keeping an eye on the vision – what kind of content and for whom – is equally as important as crossing off daily tasks. Embracing the fact that customers hold more power than brands do in a world of infinite information and product choice is exactly what should get you geared up.

Content Heavy On Photos

As an ecommerce company, you’re selling products, so get out that camera and figure out how to get really awesome images in your content. Working for a B2B company, commerce companies using beautiful photos as part of their content strategies. That’s why marketing shouldn’t be about pushing people to buy things, it should be about drawing them in to listen and consequently, helping them to find value in what you have offer to them. After all, a customer could get a product just like yours from the competition – the question is why should he get it from you. Now coming to the interesting part – People don’t buy what you do. Not exactly. They buy why you do it. Whatever it is they’re looking for, whether that’s a feeling or a sense of brighter future, there’s already someone who could sell them exactly that.

So, be clear about what you’re selling. Remember that the added value is rarely the product itself. Only after you’re aware of those two you’ll be able to focus on your messaging. Once you go over the initial hurdle of what story you’d like to tell, you have to examine what are the building blocks of your story and what will make it truly engaging.

Being A Media Outlet

To become an all-out authority in your space, it might be time to become a publisher. If you set up a hub where your audience can get info, you’ll separate yourself from companies that are giving the hard sell. Instead, you’ll inspire more trust and authority in your industry. You’ll also generate a ton of traffic through the media outlet. Consider setting up separate media outlets to build trust. You can become a publisher just like Inc. or The New York Times. The content you publish does not need to be overwhelmingly branded.

Stay Updated With Trends

Content. It’s the material you create to inspire existing customers and the audience you hope to reach (your next customers are out there somewhere!) Ecommerce sites across the web are taking advantage of content’s power. They’re killing it– and you can, too. Boost your search results, inspire your audience, build your brand, and become an authority – all with the help of content.


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