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5 Ways To Get Over With Chronic Procrastination

5 Ways To Get Over With Chronic Procrastination
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It’s a known fact, that, bad habits have a tendency for a prolonged “illness”. Bad habits are as contagious, as sneezing, laughing or yawning – well, not quite in the same order though.

Speaking of yawning, a research has shown yawning is the most contagious of all. What causes yawning? Laziness. Delaying your work, postponing it on tomorrow – which never comes. “Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late”. This line from Colonel Bagshot’s hit number ‘Six Day War’, applies here perfectly.

Procrastination is a similar “disease” which has infected almost everyone, especially the Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs having small businesses or who have just started their enterprises, are the most affected. However, they are not the only ones, even the millionaires who have found their place in the ecommerce market, which covers everything from online shopping to online stores – are the ones who have Chronic Procrastination. So, no need to worry about that. In fact, out of every five persons, one is a Chronic Procrastinator.

The thing you need to worry about is, what can we do to cure it? How can you overcome Procrastination? Because, even after reading all those write-ups on overcoming procrastination, it’s still hard to let go of this habit.

Let’s get down to the main points we need to concentrate on – to find a cure for procrastination.

Give A Boost To Your Energy Levels

Energy is one renewable resource which can be renewed either by having leisure time or ‘lazy time”. There is a difference between both the terms. Leisure time defines doing what you enjoy, or which makes you feel relaxed – and which ultimately charges up your energy levels. Business can take a toll on your mind, body and soul, which needs refreshments between regular intervals. For example, while studying for exams, you have to sit continuously for hours studying, and that makes you low on your energy levels after some time. What do you do? You get up, take a small break and get back to work. Right? Same thing applies here, just replace the exams with deadlines. Deadlines usually create chaos, but they can work for our advantage too, as it also provides some positive energy. When a fear of approaching deadline is combined with a surge to complete work, it can even boost up an empty storage.

Firstly, you need to stop focussing on the bigger picture – I mean, yes, you need to have a goal set in your mind, a vision basically, which you have already envisioned; but after that, you need to set – what we can say, some ground rules on which you can work upon. Smaller things make way for the bigger things. After all, there has to be a beginning first. Small beginnings usually have a great ending. So focus on what seems most easiest to you, and work your way up the ladder. Make short-term goals, and consider doing them with all your focus. Remember to start always with a small task, don’t have a pile of work in front of you. You can even write down your steps by breaking them up in small tasks, and delegate them in separate categories of which is more important, most important and which is least important, right now.

Be Rewarding Enough For Completing Your Goals

All work and no play, could make work look tiresome. You have managed to meet your goals in a stipulated time, no go have some time for yourself too. In order to stay focussed for the long term, you need your senses, your own uniqueness, intact in yourself. And for that, you need to reward yourself for what you have achieved. And rewards just don’t mean monetary rewards, there are things more rewarding than money. Go out for movies with your friends, hang out in your favorite joints, or simply binge watch your favorite TV series. A personal time can relieve you from all the stress your mind and body had with all the work you did. It’s important to rejuvenate your senses once in awhile. No need to push yourself, if you are not feeling motivated enough – there are so many ways out there to motivate and inspire you to get back in the work mode. But yes, don’t forget to switch off your ‘play mode’ too.

Feel Yourself Accountable To Public

When you start up a business, you are working for not only yourself, but also for others – as in, you are providing some services to them, being answerable to them, being responsible to them. You have some kind of responsibility towards people you are serving to. Don’t let that feeling ever go, feel yourself accountable to them. When you feel responsible enough to others, you will stop making excuses for your laziness too. If work is too much, you can always delegate it to your men and tell them who will be responsible for which task. You can even track your progress publicly by an online tool called Trello, which allows you to manage your tasks systematically.

Have Your Momentum Intact

Last but not the least, is the will to carry on what you have started. This is the most important factor in any business. It’s a common thing, to lose the momentum mid-way, as people lose their will to go on further with what they have started. Once you have started it, do not leave it mid way through, go on to complete it, give an end to the beginning you had. Think about how you started all those days back, what kind of obstacles you needed to cross, and what made you to make it till this point. Despite all those problems, you made it through, and start doing right away.
Procrastination is not a bad thing, provided, when it is being used constructively and more positively than negatively. It’s not that difficult to overcome such a habit, a little work can really do wonders.




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  1. In this day and age, most people tend to procrastinate their work to the last minute. This article gives good points on how you can overcome it.

  2. Unnati Srivastava says:

    Good article. Chronic procrastination needs to be addressed, having talent but not the inclination to get stuff done will hurt people.

  3. Vikram Singh says:

    Nicely written, I like how you have incorporated the topic of delegation, obviously one personal cannot do everything, getting help and the right kind of help is key.

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