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5 Tricks To “Catch” Your Audience Through Catchy Headlines

5 Tricks To “Catch” Your Audience Through Catchy Headlines
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Have you ever realised how important the first sentence of an article might be? You must be thinking – what does it even matter? The basic content explanation is “in” the article. right? The first sentence works as the basic idea of how the whole article is gonna be.

Similarly, the title of that particular article, or any article for that matter – holds the most important place. Headlines may easily take the backseat in writing process and can be considered to be thought upon later – but they really should be treated with much more consideration. In fact, the headline is arguably more important than the article itself. If no one even reads the blog post, then what does it even matter if it was great?

So basically it all comes down to this one basic aspect – if your headline is better, your chances get even better for actually getting more interested audience targeted on your content.

But how to write catchy headlines? A click-compelling headline? Each brand should build their own formula for creating those compelling headlines that reach your audience as far as it can. Everyone who will  read your headline won’t continue reading. Only the ones who found the headline attention grabbing – will continue on to read the first sentence.

So your headline matters a lot. Now, writing great content and getting it read and ranked – are two different things. If you won’t get it read, it wouldn’t mean anything – and that is where nailing your title come in.

Titles sell content – they represent it in search engines, email, and social media. So – How long should a headline be? What words should be used? What words should I avoid? How should it be optimized?

Writing powerful, relevant and eye-catching headlines for your posts can attract visitors. Those headlines must be sharp, and they should generate curiosity among them – and prompt them to click on your link. These headlines are tricky, they should have all the keywords and still be creative enough – making the end result to be super clickable.

It’s all about the headline. If the headline attracts readers, you’ll make more sales – if not, you’ll wonder what just went wrong?

So, what defines as the rule of writing is – to get the first sentence read. So first, focus on writing a headline that pulls your customers in and compels them to read the first sentence – that’s more likely to compel your prospective customers to continue reading.

Here are some simple ways to form some eye-catching headlines:

It’s All In The Numbers


Numbers undoubtedly are easily understood by people and they also stand out, .It’s a technique by many, used for decades to sell issues. It gives way to intrigue and entice. In addition, use data or statistics for your numbers to grab attention. Readers are mesmerized by lists. A list also gives readers a clearer idea of what to expect in your post, as well as promising a quick, scan-friendly read.

It Should Ask Questions


Headlines with a genre of asking questions makes a way to connect with a problem your audience is having and it proves to them that you are there to provide a solution that they need. This idea can help in making your content strategy work too. A good way to get started is – by answering some of the most common questions the audience has about a topic related to your business.

Be Educating


With being sharp and a catch – the headlines also need to be educating enough. A headline must be something that educates the masses, on any level. Nowadays, people search almost everything online to inform themselves or learn more about a particular concept. Starting your headlines with some quirky word phrase, sets the ball rolling. Also, they should be appealing to general people, who are laymen and don’t really know much about.

Convey The Message


The most important thing of a headline should be – it should not be vague or misplaced. You should know what you are writing about, what your article must convey and what you are catering to, too. Vagueness can create confusion, instead of excitement among customers. They should be excited about what they are gonna read – only then they would be curious enough to click.

Be Original


A headline proves as a brand image of yourself. So building a brand, requires originality in it. You have to be on your own self to make your mark in the competition around. Even if you’re writing about something very common topic, , a headline of your own can set you apart.


Pragyan Sharma

A quiet person, likes to keep things to myself - well mostly. Have a passion for writing. Loves singing and playing Guitar. Reader. Dreamer. Wanderlust.

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  1. I think there is a fine line between a catchy headline and a clickbait, I highly recommend writing a good headline that’s not a clickbait.

  2. Adnan Khan Jisan says:

    Educate! Very very well said, you should write articles that always leave the reader feeling more informed than when they started reading it.

  3. Rinki Bhattacharya says:

    Last tip is really good. Nothing beats originality! Original content will always be more appreciated than copying.

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