5 Tips to Avoid Failure as an Entrepreneur

5 Tips to Avoid Failure as an Entrepreneur
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Entrepreneurship is a big goal – it requires you to be passionate about your choice, demands a lot of work and commitment from you and your team – all of this on a day-to-day basis.

Trying to micromanage almost each and everything, you also have to manage a team of people, and make sure they work to the best of their abilities – that their best brings out the best in your business too.

So, there are bound to be some mistakes, something that you might overlook, something that you might take for granted. And that’s why we have come up with five tips that might just help you to avoid failure in your venture.

Here they are:

Have a Sound Financial Management Plan

Running a business is, sure, about having a great idea, a fantastic product, a well-made business plan, and so on. But, all this becomes nothing, in terms of no money.

So for your business to really be successful, you will have to make sure that you either learn yourself or you use professional accountants or an accounting software to manage your financial transactions. Use this information to run your business. Know where you stand, and then modify your position accordingly. Not having the skill to manage your books is not a problem, until you let it be a problem.

While everyone who ventures into entrepreneurship dreams of making huge chunks of money, many don’t understand that mismanagement of money could even cost them more than any other mistake they might make.

So, manage your cash flows, taxes, and all other financial affairs well.

Have a Robust Business Model

A great product is great only if it is backed up by a sound business model that understands not just the potential of that product, but also the sentiments of the target market – the kind of plan that earns you moolah!

So, spend time in research – understand your market, know of your competitors, take challenge management into consideration, think of all kinds of contingencies you could face and how you would get rid of them. Think strategically, and include financial forecasting. Set yourself a goal, set yourself a timeline, think in terms of daily objectives, and various milestones to finally achieve your goal.

Find Yourself The Right Team

It’s about finding your passion, and then finding people who share that similar passion as you do! That‘s how you choose the right team for you. You choose people who you think match your level of craziness, who are loyal to your product. And once you do find the right people – the ones with the right experience and the right enthusiasm – motivating them and finally retaining them is a challenge in itself. The key is to have a clear mind on what it is that you want, and choose your team accordingly.

Pay Heed To Your Customers’ Needs

No successful business can boast of unhappy customers. So, getting your users’ feedback is an utmost necessity. You have to learn and unlearn your methods and your product features, according to what you learn of your customers’ experience with your product.

And another thing that most don’t focus on, is engaging with your customers. So, if your customers are happy with your services, you need to encash on that feedback – improve their experience even more; work on converting those fans into your brand advocates.

Mistakes Lead To Evolution!

Mistakes are the absolute time-proven way to learn.

It is a part of process to fall. The other part, though, is to get back up. Building your own venture from scratch requires you to take care of so many things, that it’s impossible to not make an error. It’s the know-it-all attitude, though, that sometimes proves to be a fatal mistake.

So, while it’s pretty human to err, it would be extremely silly of any human to not learn once, twice,at the most, thrice from the same mistake.
So, avoiding failure is about finding your passion, and pursuing it; taking risks, but calculated ones; making mistakes, but learning from them. And finally as they say, successful people are the ones who will seven times, but make sure they get up eight.

Vrinda Wakhlu

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  1. I don’t there is a foolproof way of ever not failing, but this is a good attempt at ensuring that you don’t fail at the basic.

  2. I think these are the basics of being an entrepreneur. One must seriously get their finances and customer support in order.

  3. Armaan malik says:

    This is a very nice article, i think too many people want to call themselves entrepreneurs but not willing to learn the basics.

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