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5 Online Trends To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2016

5 Online Trends To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2016
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Over the recent years, online marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful mediums of promotion for the businesses. Every business – whether it is online of offline – seeks online marketing mediums to promote their business among masses.

The digital marketing has come up with such amazing online trends in 2016. While it allows you to take full control over how you are going to convey your message to your consumers – your marketing strategy also needs to be adjusted according to the changing trends.

This era of digital marketing is ever changing. And which is not going to stop anytime soon. So, it’s better to adapt yourselves according to the changing trends, to stay in line with the competition. For implementing these trends, you need a proper strategy to implement.

Implementing the technologies which have radically changed the way that we access information online – as part of your digital marketing strategy in 2016, is essential if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital economy. Here are some of those:

Standardization Of Mobile Web


Mobile web use isn’t just advancing its way – in fact, it has become the largest source of internet traffic. A website doesn’t just need to be optimized for mobile use, it should be optimized as per the promotional tools available in the platform as well.

The advanced sensors present in mobile devices – Google AdWords Mobile now provides you with ultra-specific geographical targeting. You can also filter users based on their carrier, device type or even operating system. Because ad-blocking software is very rarely found on mobile devices, this traffic source tends to provide your campaigns with improved reach and greater conversion rates than desktop platforms.

Advanced Re-targeting


Targeting and retargeting – both are as important as each other. Consumers are needed to be introduced to your products not just only once – in fact multiple times, for that matter. So that you are finally able to effectively communicate with them. Google AdWords is one such digital marketing tool, which enables you to create custom ads displayed only to users who have already paid visits to your website.
And combining it with the event tracking features of Google Analytics, you can create advertisements that are specifically generated to meet the exact needs of your users.

Analytical Data Mining


Analytics provides the data the websites need for these formulas. And for this, the steps that have been taken towards the improvement of the scope and accuracy of information, these websites collect – have been incredible. Now, the tracking of users has been made independently on the device they use. Whether the are on mobile, or their desktops – they can be tracked down as specifically.
Event tracking allows a business to custom tailor the data you collect to your independent needs. Track-specific user actions such as video plays, newsletter signups, or social interactions and collect data that can be used to directly improve the effectiveness of the ad campaigns.

Social Media Ad Platforms


Advertising directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram has been available for quite some time. But now, these platforms have grown to offer a much more user-inclusive web experience. And, neglecting these platforms in your ad campaigns would simply imply that you are giving up access to inexpensive clicks and targeted traffic.

Social media users have a different mindset that the users on Google. Social media users are looking to consume information. Promoting the benefits of your products and instructional material detailing how your commercial offerings can be used are incredibly effective methods of communicating with consumers.

Embedded Videos


Web users are used to seeing advertisements in all of the content they consume. When you are in a competitive world with so many advertisers wanting to grab the attention – every opportunity needs to be taken advantage of.

With high bandwidth internet service more prevalent than ever, the display of eye-catching full motion videos to users has been introduced too. This media rich experience gives you more control over how your message is perceived and has a much higher click through rate than contextual text ads or banners.

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