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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Content Marketer

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Content Marketer
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A Content Marketer has an extremely important role of not just writing, but writing that gets traffic, engagement, leads, and in the end, conversions.

And while we are all working really hard to do this the best way we can, here are some of the mistakes that might prove to be major roadblocks in getting this work done:

Lack of a Content Marketing Strategy

Lack of a Content Marketing Strategy


Needing a full fledged strategy for content marketing – it isn’t really a new concept.

Before you start writing anything, you have to know what you’re going to write about, who is it that you’re going to address through that piece, and how are you going to strategize on promoting it so that it has the maximum chance of getting through to your readers.

That is what the general outline of a content marketing strategy looks like, and the points below are going to highlight each one of them separately.

Lack of Engaging Content

Lack of Engaging Content


A good content marketing strategy can only take you as far, if your content itself isn’t engaging enough.

In case yours is a well promoted blog, and it’s actually getting read by many, it’ll still be a disaster if it doesn’t feature what your audience actually wants to read about, doesn’t give out right information, or worse if it isn’t well written – like if it contains grammatical errors.

Engagement also increases with great visuals. So howsoever great an article you might have written, a good many pictures are still what you’d need to give it’s engagement a boost.

Not Knowing What’s Effective and What’s Not

Not Knowing What’s Effective and What’s Not


Even though there’s so much of information out there to know what it is that generally works for people and what doesn’t, marketers still find it a struggle to figure it out.

Like visual content works, GIFs work, and if you’re giving out a step by step guide, then adding a video tutorial would prove great. Adding infographics also helps big time.

The other thing that works is being a good storyteller – threading stories to get your point through never ceases to be interesting.

Not Knowing Your Audience

Not Knowing Your Audience


Given a topic, there are countless ways you could write about it – you would rarely find a dearth of content to write about it. So then how do you decide how and what to write? Even choosing a topic to write about in the first place would put you in the same conundrum.

The answer lies in knowing your target audience. No campaign can be a successful one unless one knows who is it targeted towards, and content marketing campaign is no different. You can o0nly try to solve a problem, inform people of something, when you know who these people are whom you are addressing.

And like we said, not just the topic, and its overall content, but the tone of the article, the difficulty level of the language you’d use – it all would also entail you taking into account the people you’d be writing it for. The age group of your audience, whether they’re experienced in that field, what do you think their educational backgrounds might be – and questions like these will help you write your piece of content.

Not Using SEO For Promotion

Not Using SEO For Promotion


So many times, being a content writer, one thinks that they don’t need to care about SEO – that their only concern should be getting an article done. But writing an article wouldn’t do much good, unless you put it out there for people to actually see it, now would it?

So, SEO is very much a part of what you do. Writing a nice article – one that is effective, that your audience connects with, that which is well written – isn’t it all to answer your reader’s curiosity effectively, while luring other people to read it too?

So, how does a half done work help then?

SEO isn’t just about using the right keywords – but using them at the right places too. It is about taking care of everything, right from the title to the sub headings that you use, the meta title, the meta description, and so on – and see what keyword fits where. It’s about getting higher rank in the SERPs, and further optimizing the content for various social media platforms.

The bottomline is that a content marketer needs to first be a brilliant content strategist, then a fantastic writer, and finally an SEO specialist.

Are you all of these?

Vrinda Wakhlu

I am a quirky person who loves to read and eat. I love sharing cool facts and my smile is highly infectious. Above all... writing is my passion.

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  2. Damien Branks says:

    Lovely piece. Its not enough to write grammatically sound content, but content that appeals to audience.

  3. I think at the end of the day, if you write good content but not one that apply to your TG, then your brand will never be able to create engagement. Good write up.

  4. Samarth Patil says:

    I think the first mistake is how people pronounce content! Content writers themselves can’t seem to get it right! True story, I’ve met those writers. Another thing is the obvious grammatical errors that stare you in the face, yet these “content” writers remain oblivious to it. Weird huh?

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