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5 Important Web Pages that Your Ecommerce Website Cannot Do Without

5 Important Web Pages that Your Ecommerce Website Cannot Do Without
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5 Important Web Pages that Your Ecommerce Website Cannot Do Without

Have you just created your online store?

And are you confused about what to do further?

If that is, in fact, how it is – then your first step should be adding various web pages to it.

And so, we have come up with these 5 web pages, that aren’t just extremely important for your store, but will also make your store look terrific and help you in getting terrific sales!

1.Home Page

Going to someone’s house for the very first time, how does it feel if you see it all dirty from the outside, with a messy garden, and probably with no proper structure to the door and windows?

Do you still feel like seeing the inside of the house?

The answer to that question is fairly obvious.

And so is the answer to the question – “How important is it , to give a good thought to the Home Page?”

Home Page is the part of your online store that hits the vision first. So if your customers can’t ignore it, you can’t ignore it. It’s that simple.

Make your Home Page such, that it gives a brief overview of what your store is all about. And more importantly, keep your navigation menu as clear as possible – your customers would would expect to find the CTAs to every other page on the Home Page itself. So, you should have all the important Call-To-Action buttons clearly on this page.

The other thing is using the space provided to you not just efficiently, but in an aesthetically appealing way too. Put up banners on this page – especially if you’re giving a discount, or if there’s an ongoing sale on your store. Use a big Headline. And make sure you put all the information you’re showcasing, in one proper flow.

home page


The importance of keeping a blog and most importantly, updating it on a regular basis, cannot be overstated at all. Content is knowledge – and so, it plays a really big role in making anything sell.

A blog isn’t just about making your buyers aware about your store, it’s also about telling them how aware you are about the happenings of ecommerce world, and sharing your knowledge with them.

Read more about why is it important that you blog, on 7 Reasons Why Every E-commerce Owners Should Start Their Own Company Blog.


3.Contact Us

Either it’s before making a purchase, that the customer wants to know more about the product or service, or it could be a problem that he could face while or after making the transaction – you shouldn’t just provide this information on the Homepage itself, but dedicate a separate page to it as well. Along with giving your email address and a contact number, you could have a form that they could fill up, so your buyers don’t have to compose an email or even make a phone call – instead they could have you a drop a call to them.

This page can also be used to gather feedback from your clients by putting up a few questions for your customers. You have to see your Contact Us page as the most important part – the first step, of your customer support strategy.

Read more about the significance of Customer Support on 5 Ways to Create a Robust Customer Support System.

contact us

4.Product Page

There’s no way that one can expect someone to buy something, without really knowing much about the product as well the store that’s selling it. So, dedicating a page to every product, means adding as much of visual as well written information that you can add to it.

Put up beautiful product images. If it’s jewellery, clothes, or any other home or personal accessories that you’re selling, seeing the product always does most of the work, for somebody looking to buy that item.

Read more about Product photography on Product Photography Hacks For Your E­-Store.

But that doesn’t mean product description can be ignored. Not just for electronic items, but even if you buy something as small as a pen stand – you’ll always look for an apt description. For things that need specifications mentioned – like anything from a curtain to a mobile phone- add all the details. This is not important, just to provide information to your customers, but it’s also important from SEO point of view – so as to make your store rank higher on Google’s Search pages.

Read more about SEO and optimizing your pages at  E-commerce SEO – Get Your Store Ranked In Search Engines

product page

5.Product Reviews / Testimonials

An ardent shopper would tell you how important it is to know about the experience of other ardent shoppers. A nice Product Review page is so much like a community in making – with people not just sharing their own experiences, but also commenting on what others have to say, and asking questions to the fellow buyers rather than the seller.

So, having a dedicated page to Testimonials or Product Reviews on your web store, is another important thing you should look into.

5.Product Reviews  Testimonials

There is absolutely no way that you can build an online store – a website – without adding some well-thought off web pages to it. You can add pages to your site, as you see fit – but add them in addition to the ones we just discussed!


Vrinda Wakhlu

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    I think the most important part is the testimonials section. Only this way will customers know the experience of others.

  3. this is such a simple checklist! I am glad I found this at the time where I am revamping my website. Really helpful

  4. I have done my own website but didn’t know what is important. I had completely missed the reviews section and when i read the blog it made so much sense to add it.

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