4 Ways To Kill Your Competition With Single Page Checkout

4 Ways To Kill Your Competition With Single Page Checkout
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Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Like, you think you have had the best shopping experience on your favorite site, or maybe a site your friend recommended you to buy stuff online. You are down to the last minute detail – processing your checkout. And there you go – the payment process actually seems like a ‘process’.

In simpler words – instead of a one-click checkout, you need to go through a step by step process of making the payment.

Why such a long process, you ask? Online stores are made to make the shopping experience easier, right? Then why this payment hassle, which is time consuming as well. This is where, most online stores lose the competition.

The payment process should be as simple as the whole shopping experience was. Because well, you never know, how amazing your products might be, this can also lead to cart abandonment. And that would be such a sorry state, wouldn’t it be?

Single page checkout system definitely scores over the multi-page checkout one. Because, here is the truth – customers want everything as simple as it gets. They want no complications on their part of browsing through the products till they reach the last page. And this is where, stores lose their customers.

No worries. There are proven ways to kill your competition with single page checkout. Here’s what you can do:

Love Your Customers


Which means exactly what you are thinking – love them, don’t punish them. Customers are undoubtedly most integral part of an online business to reach greater heights. Over the years this concept has been talked about and has been accepted by all too, no matter how horrible this is. If your customers are spending money for you, they need to be benefited at least, if not in other terms. So don’t punish your customers – and the checkout page can decide that. Whether you want to punish them with multi page checkout, or benefit them with single-page one.

Saving Customers Time


Single page checkout system helps in saving customers time, in an efficient manner. Obviously, when the payment process is as easy as one click, there would be no any distractions for the customers. This would save their a lot of time, and would benefit the business too – getting more purchases in shortest time available. Single page checkout directs the customer to focus on only those things which are important. They can just fill in the required details, pay the required amount and move on to other things – like, their life.

It’s Mobile Friendly


No checkout page can be more friendlier than single page checkout. Yes, you can make the multi page checkout system more friendlier, as and when the demand requires – but the fact is, single page would still hold the edge. A single page checkout doesn’t need a screen real estate to show progress, which is important in multi page one.
Another thing is – multi page checkout often leave critical information, and just HOW many times you have wondered about what you have written in previous step? There you are – your customer has left the building, already!

Perceived Time Of Completion

Time is the key element everywhere – time is money, you have heard that a lot right? Well, that’s absolutely true. Even if you save your customers, even a second – it would be counted an appreciated, though subconsciously. And that is what needed to be built – appreciation, trust, brand. It might not be seen, but when you see a single page checkout, your mind automatically gets a peace of mind that – this is the only step to take care of. And that adds to the time saving.
Brand advocates are built by this – making them feel how much easier it is here, over your competition.

And you can even want to consider putting up an indicator highlighting how much time has been saved by the customer – depending on your brand.

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  1. True that..! The check outs that go on and on really grinds my gears, why should i fill a huge questionnaire when im going to purchase an item.

  2. Great articles. i think when people know how much time is needed to undertake a transaction. Single page checkout helps them plan their purchase better.

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