4 Ways To Get Over The Fear Of Being Your Own Boss

4 Ways To Get Over The Fear Of Being Your Own Boss
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Fear can actually paralyze your spirit, your mind and even your soul. It’s such a powerful force, which usually works in the negative way. It makes you hesitant to try or do the thing you feel in your soul that you actually want to do. Anxiety, doubt, and fear can strip you of your motivation. It can and will stop a willing person from launching their own online business.

Thinking rationally becomes nearly impossible when fear takes a good grip of them. You have to move past this fear to succeed. And there are people who have worked their fear according to how THEY want it to work it to their own advantage.

As you evaluate what you’ve achieved – assess your job, career prospects and the people you are working for – you think you suck at it. An idea which once had so much promise. Choosing to start your own business basically means you will have to work harder than ever before. It’s scary and if you’re not frightened, you’re not ready enough too!

The main reason is to earn freedom – to have no one to blame, plot your course, and to change the world – the way you have always imagined. With freedom, also comes fear. And when you overcome your fears – an adrenaline rush, a feeling of bliss engulfs you.

Being your own boss, or running your own business is no different. Let’s try to overcome all those fears:

Plan Your Journey


The first years of any business is really hard. When you add the financial pressure of having no income coming in, it’s no wonder many businesses are bound to fail. The solution to this problem is to start your business while you’re working.
You would have to work even hard, because well, you’re on a more important mission. Testing your ideas without the financial pressure of making your rent payment is the key to overcoming fear. And what’s better way than to start by planning out each and every detail of how you are gonna work out.

Risk Identification


Yes, it’s true, bigger risks means bigger rewards. But identifying proper risks for your business, can reap even better rewards. So, as risk must always be partnered with reward. One of the largest mistakes early entrepreneurs make is taking big risks with questionable rewards. Take a small risk and tie it to a small reward. The key thing here is small risks tied to a reward that builds your capabilities.

Fear = Time To Act


Learning how to turn your fear for something to make it productive, is probably one of the best things an entrepreneur can learn. Because fear doesn’t mean you have to stop – in fact it means go faster, dig deeper and do something different.

This means set in motion an action that is different from what you are doing now, but only a pivot, not a whole scale change. Then do listen to your gut to see, if it has worked the way you wanted to, or not. If not, well then, the motto is to keep working.

Find Your Mentor


Learning is a lifelong process. You learn something from everyone, you meet in the course of your time. Learning things the hard way, is well, of course hard – but it teaches you some of the finest of the lessons.
The key here lies in choosing people who have been through what you are going through, right now. Experience is the biggest teacher of your life. It’s also critical that you have an open and frank relationship, there is no topic off limits, and challenging difficult conversations should be the norm.


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