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4 Steps For Creating An Online Path For Your Online Store

4 Steps For Creating An Online Path For Your Online Store
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Importance of digital marketing is known to all. And since now, people access most information online and through applications. This is the most influential way to reach new consumers. Despite its importance, some of us have trouble understanding how it impacts the bottom line.

Getting your brand out there to gain awareness is great, yes. But you’re also missing out on a greater opportunity. That is, to boost sales. If you don’t have an easily actionable path to purchase. There is a lot to consider when you are trying to figure out how to build a purchase path for an online store. You want to find a balance. Between your branding and the actual functionality of your site.

As retail trends continue to shift to digital realms. A successful online store has become vital to a retailer’s success. Getting people to click on a product photo is just step one. So how can you guide consumers through the buying process. All the way to the point of payment? Start by identifying who your major competitors are and then visit their website.

Explore it. And even go through the process of picking out a product. And putting it in your online shopping cart. Is there any part of that process that is better than what you offer? How are the images on the site? What tactics is the online store using to get people to click, save and ultimately buy the items it promotes? It may also help to follow competitors on social media to see how they are promoting products outside of the main site.

Here are the 4 steps you should be considering :

Show Your Existence

Show Your Existence

First, people need to discover you. There are several strategies to increase brand awareness online. Including banner ads and sponsored posts on social media channels. Paid ads are appealing. But when a sponsored program starts cluttering your feed. Or pop-up ads just pop up out of nowhere. You sure feel annoyed hindering your article reading. Hence, this most likely frustrates your target consumer as well. And could leave them with a negative sentiment. Causing them to block, report or unsubscribe.

Reach your target organically through strategic partnerships. Find influential people. Brands that are like-minded. And aesthetically similar to your brand to collaborate with. The right partnership will increase your awareness and following. And grow your consumer base .

Users will gladly spread word of your product or service. When they know they’ll get an added perk. Your online brand is what people think of you. When you are not available. In fact, your online brand is as important as any of the traditional forms of branding. And becoming more important each day.

Most customers today are technologically savvy. Therefore, they typically rely on a company’s online presence. As a validity test of its credibility in the market. In the competitive-age we live in. In order for your brand to succeed online. It must be highly recognizable, relatable, and authentic. Thereby setting itself apart from the competition. High visibility of your brand increases credibility. And customers will be more willing to retain your product/services.

Create Depth

Create Depth

Social media is not a replacement for your website. All of this info could be scattered across all of your social channels. But it will become frustrating for your potential customers. Therefore, when they’re looking for something specific. Your website is the centralized location. For all of the info about your brand. Where your followers can keep engaging. Thus making it easy for people. To find out more about your product/service.

All of your social channels should have links to your website. Fortunately, a lot of the heavy lifting can be outsourced. Once the product side is set. Think about your customer experience. While a retail store might be all about location. An online store is about discoverability.

Thus, entire industries have been created around Internet marketing and search engine optimization, or SEO. So make sure you’re up to speed on best practices. Such as building keyword-rich content around your products. And being active on social media platforms. That are relevant to your customers.

A huge advantage of selling online is that just about everything can be measured. At minimum, take advantage of free Google Analytics. Which shows audience demographics and top sources of traffic. Such as results returned from online searches, clicks from your Facebook page. Or users who typed in your website name directly.

Inspire Your Followers

Inspire Your Followers

Another great way to get your brand known on the web. Is to deliver ultra valuable, gorgeous looking content. To share on other blogs. Guest posting is still a powerful way to get your name known in your industry. However, run-of-the-mill content won’t cut it. Create memorable, valuable content. And you’ll be introduced to new audiences.

In addition to this it will make a lasting impression. Produce high-quality content. Hence, it will inspire your followers to buy your product. If the content is good. You’ll create a positive sentiment with your audience. Produce spectacular content that creates connections with your followers.

Visually-appealing content will help you score more. Think of your website as a digital catalogue. That helps potential buyers see how your products would look in their possession. Remember to incorporate videos. Therefore they highlight your products as well. Showcase your items prominently through photos.

Thus, make sure the steps from picking out an item to checkout completion are seamless. And as simple as possible. Consider integrating payment options like PayPal or Visa Checkout .To make it easier for customers to click and buy. Without needing to track down a credit card. And type in all the numbers.

If you are afraid. That the negative could outweigh the positive in an open-review format. Ask your customers for feedback through an email form. And then use the best responses under the appropriate products. Thus, consumers do not want to just take your word for it. They want to hear what their peers have to say.

Create Call To Action

Create Call To Action

No matter if you’re shopping online, reading a magazine or watching television. Advertisers are consistently using a technique called a “call to action.” If you’re in business, you’ll need a great call to action, too. Simply, a call to action is how you convince a customer to do something. It’s your chance to rally visitors to your website. Or viewers of your ad to go further. And be exposed to your message and products.

Hence, it’s a great way to turn lookers into buyers by motivating a purchase. A great call to action creates a sense of urgency or limited possibilities. That must be acted on right now. Hence, it creates a sense of well-being. Even offers a solution to a known or perceived problem. It also clearly spells out how a customer can make a purchase.

Therefore, advertisers use all sorts of call to action methods to drive sales. The method you use depends on where you’re using it. What you’re selling and your target market. Incentives are a great call to action method. Thus, offer your reader something for making a purchase. Offer free shipping or double the product for one low price. Shoppers love extras and incentives

Make your homepage the most visible for your product. And make sure you have a clear, strong call to action. If your homepage isn’t your main selling page. Thus, make sure it points visitors to your sales page. With clearly marked ways to get there. Your blog is a great place to connect with your readers on a personal level. Therefore, tell stories about your product. How it has helped people. Add calls to action on your sidebars. Or throughout blog posts where they’ll be highly visible.



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  1. Shahu Solanke says:

    You can do one thing look at ur competitiors disadvantages and make them advantageous to u, this would make u to grab their customers too.

  2. Why not put a spy of ur companies, into ur competitors company? Dis would help u in making the first move, before ur competitor.

  3. Akshay Vaidya says:

    I don’t think many companies incorporate videos that highlight their products, v need to do this as it acts as entailing(entertainment + retailing).

  4. When a customer is trying to buy a product, you can put a statement stating that this is the last stock v have of this product.

  5. Give your customers the product before the day u have promised. The customer always gets pissed of when there’s something like a transit delay.

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