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4 Reasons To Add Podcasts To Your Content Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons To Add Podcasts To Your Content Marketing Strategy
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No matter what business you’re in, chances are you have some competition. Maybe your product or service is superior to other options that exist in your market. Maybe it isn’t. Having the best offer doesn’t matter. Instead, concentrate on making sure your target market perceives your company’s deal to be the right one for them. Until they believe, they may never buy from you.

How can you set yourself apart from all the other alternatives? Publishing content online is a great start. As long at it’s high-quality material that truly helps consumers within your target market. Your published pieces should build goodwill. It should earn you trust and position you as an authority in your industry.

There are some potential customers in your target market. They are not yet customers because they are missing something. They want a specific result, and they’re willing to pay for it. Because we live in the information age, they’re likely searching for online information. Some content that can help them find a solution.

This is exactly why every business today needs a content marketing strategy. A sound plan ensures your target market will find you when they start looking for answers. To a majority of people, podcasting is something they are increasingly hearing about, but many haven’t ventured into yet.

For those in marketing, social media management and sales, it’s something they have been pressured into pursuing. Podcasting has been around for over 10 years. And it was always seen by the media as a small community of rabid fans without any real market value. However this has changed over the past 3 years, as podcasts have become both ubiquitous with the rise of smartphone apps as well as profitable, with the use of ads.

Here’s why adding podcasts to your content marketing strategy can earn you rewards:

Human To Human Connection

Social media has increased the desire for human contact between businesses and potential consumers. Podcasting is a hugely intimate experience. As many people listen with headphones and literally have someone within their head. Businesses hire more millennials to work on improving their social channels. And podcasts are a great way to connect with the world at large in an extremely familiar and safe way.

Podcasts are also a low budget and impactful medium. The best part about podcasts is there is very little technical skills, money or time needed to set it up. Utilizing only laptops and inexpensive microphones, a business can arguably create more shareable content. And with a transcript attached as well, it can lead to sales and brand awareness at a much lower cost. In comparison to YouTube, podcasting requires much less effort, time and money.

Adds Variety To Strategy

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. When you talk to your consumers, clients, or potential partners, your voice makes the difference. You’re perceived as an actual person, rather than a voicemail or an automated menu. First impressions really do count.
And if you’re creating a podcast series for your content strategy, you have more than one chance to persuade and convince your listeners. They have to press play on your content first, it’s true. But seeing as the audience is “on-demand,” you’ll reach those who really do want to be reached.

A podcast placed on your blog gives a different touch to a mostly text-based content strategy. Adding a nice embedded player with a powerful image and a strategically displayed playlist can enrich your blog’s message, as well as help you establish a closer relationship with your readers and listeners.

The popular interview format allows your audiences to learn from your guests’ expertise, successes and failures. At the same time, you get to add more expert connections to your network. That’s a definite win-win. Plus, if your guests decide to help promote these interviews, you’ll get free exposure to their audiences, too.

Transcribed Podcasts Adds To Written Content

Obviously, one of the downsides of audio content is that there’s not much text for Google search engines to, well, search for. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Even if you were just pushing in an MP3 file onto a blank blog post, a well-optimized title and meta-description is still a must. But don’t just stop there. By transcribing the audio of your podcasts, you can generate more written content for your site. And you can also increase the potential SEO value of your podcast content based on the target keywords found in the transcription.

By transcribing the audio of an interview with a thought leader, you could split each question and response up into its own mini-blog post. Suddenly, you have six pieces of valuable, unique content, all from a single conversation.

Obviously, podcasts aren’t for everyone, and traditional written content will always be the bread-and-butter of a successful content strategy. But by choosing the right opportunities to start rolling out podcasting as part of your overall efforts, marketers can easily begin to generate more unique, influential content in very little time.

Attracts New Audience

When you publish your podcast on platforms such as iTunes – you expose your content to thousands of potential listeners for free. These platforms are search engines, and people use them to find podcasts as well as hit singles. That organic exposure helps you increase your reach and grow your audience.

At the end of each podcast episode, include a CTA. Give them a clear direction. And make sure your landing page, email subscriber list or other tools are ready in advance. Make it as easy as possible for listeners to follow through and create your desired result.

Audio content is very personal. When someone hears you speak, they hear your personality and your authenticity. They can detect the excitement in your voice and feel your passion for helping them. While you discuss topics that are relevant to you both. This makes it easy for them to meet, like and trust you. Podcasts help your target market feel as if they already know you on an individual level.


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