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3 Simple Ways To Increase Engagement With Your E-commerce Store

3 Simple Ways To Increase Engagement With Your E-commerce Store
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When you invest time, money and effort into any e-commerce store, then naturally you would want to optimise the return on investment by increasing engagement. To achieve this, you must engage visitors of your website and customers with your brand and/or product and service.

Here are 3 easy ways you can produce impressive results in you put in a little extra effort.

1.Maximising the potential of Social Media (especially Instagram)


Did you know Instagram is arguably the most important social network for a business. It has been shown to offer 25% more brand engagement than other social networking platforms. Instagram is one of the best ways to interact with major influencers and get them to engage with your product. It also helps to increase your followers as much as possible.

Apart from Instagram, other social networks will also help increase your engagement rate. You can use tools like Marketing Labs Scheduler and a custom reporting dashboard like Cyfe.

2.Online Brochures


When you want to increase the engagement of your product or service you need to present it to the customers in an appealing manner and provide all the necessary information they need. Sometimes it becomes difficult to do this especially when you have a wide variety of products online. That is where online brochures come in! With images, videos and lots of relevant content, you can display your product very well encouraging people to engage with your e-commerce store.

3.Sign up for emails


Many industries believe that email marketing brings in more sales for a business than social media. Around 60% of people suggest that receiving offers and deals from a particular business by email increases the chances that they will continue to engage with that business. Email marketing, if done the right way will help drive sales and increase engagement.

When the customer enters your e-commerce site, be sure to have a sign-up form which is simple and quick to complete. Make sure the email marketing done is relevant and not too sales oriented. Having special offers for first timers and long term customers will boost your engagement.


These practices can be highly effective in increasing engagement with your e-commerce store if you put in extra effort to do some research and complete the process efficiently.

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  2. Nice tips, They are easy and cheap to implement, this tips are for small companies like mine. Off course if you do it well you will get the money back and profits. .

  3. This is SIMPLY AWESOME adding on i would like to say that Live chat is a great way of increasing customer engagement but using live chat proactively increases engagement even further. AS live chat to helps to answer their questions and solve any problems they may have.!!

  4. Thanks a lot for this Good foundational tips that can be used for Startups as well.. Great work BuildaBazar, looking forward on another great works from you. 😀

  5. Very useful post! To add to this list, compelling brand stories also make a solid customer engagement tactic. As interesting stories attract peoples’ attention and get them interested in a brand.

  6. Nice and crisp article! I loved the simplicity and will make sure that my colleagues also goes through the article. 🙂

  7. Both on blogs and in social media, it is important to engage the eyes. Images get people’s attention and the copy keeps them there. Keep up the great work Team.

  8. Renuka Biswas says:

    Social Media has become one of the powerful tool for building engagement. Amongst all the platforms, Instagram helps a brand to engage with their product and also interact with many influencers.

  9. Visual appearance of the product plays a major role. Presenting the product in the most appealing manner with all the relevant information will surely build engagement and attract them to your E-commerce store.

  10. Agree to the point that E-mail marketing when done in the right manner will definitely drive in lots of engagement to your store.

  11. Nidhi Deshmukh says:

    Also, the main point to note in E-mail marketing is to have a sign-up form in the website and interacting on a regular basis with customized e-mails and offers.

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