10 Marketing Mistakes By Start-up Entrepreneur

10 Marketing Mistakes By Start-up Entrepreneur
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Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Start-up entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats while working on projects. They have to focus on a lot of aspects while launching their start-up venture, like to establish a proper growth strategy and building their team and supporting it. In most cases, they are also managing the marketing aspect too. Mostly marketing isn’t a founder’s speciality because they are more inclined towards the product. This is where Start-up entrepreneurs make the same unavoidable mistakes.


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

                                                                      – Seth Godin, Author and Entrepreneur



So here are 10 mistakes which are made by Start-up Entrepreneurs to help you make your marketing aspect stronger.

1. Not Marketing Pre-Launch Of The Product.

Most of the time the entrepreneurs are so busy perfecting their products and above that they have tight budgets. Both of the above mentioned are the common situations because which the entrepreneurs Don’t market their pre-launch of the product. I don’t say you shouldn’t perfect your product but creating a buzz lays a right platform before the launch. Usually founders wait until everything is “just right and perfect.” That’s fine. But if you hold off until everything is “perfect” and “just right” to plan your marketing strategies, you will have wasted a valuable opportunity to gain traction in the early stages. Do not fly under the radar. Get your name out there as soon as possible.

2. Failing To Build A Perfect Audience

When it comes to marketing, to build a suitable target audience for your brand is the most essential aspect. You just can’t underestimate audience building aspect when you are a start-up. You have to focus on a specific target in the market so that it becomes easier for you to frame your marketing strategies.

3. Social Media Presence On Irrelevant Platforms

Face the truth, You CANNOT be everywhere. You have to choose carefully about which all social media platforms you want to be present on. Most of the time, a budding entrepreneur projects his company on all the major social media platforms. But as the time goes, it becomes difficult to maintain and update all these platforms.

4. Not Doing Ample Of Research

You have to do ample of research before launching and marketing your product. You need to know your market in order to make a proper strategy. Know what your competitors are doing. Do a survey of your target audience so that you get a fair idea of what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. Convince yourself that the product you are intending to market is actually worth investing, only then you can convince others to invest in it.

Also, having essential knowledge about the industry is very essential. You might not have the experience but you should know what you are falling into. So ample of research done well in advance can always be beneficiary.

5. Do Not Make The Website Your Marketing Priority.

Yes, for a start-up, building a website is one of the most important steps. But don’t go overboard with it as it can cost you a lot. Don’t obsess over the look of your online presence. Focus more on the functionality of your product than the look and feel of the website. Dedicate your attention to building a reputation and delivering quality and value. When you create something people are truly excited about, they will talk about you enough and it doesn’t matter what your website looks like.

Not only that but perfecting your branding can end up being a waste of time. Many companies end up pivoting at some point during their evolution. There will always be a chance for you to re-brand and re-launch your website if you so desire.

6. Underestimate The Importance Of Content

Another mistake which start-up entrepreneurs make extensively is that they underestimate content. In-fact they should actually embrace content. Content is the best way to project yourself as the market leader. Writing unique and innovative content can also help you to build solid SEO. All you have to do is warm up your blogging fingers and offer some insight, give your audience a few behind-the-scenes peeks and company updates. Optimize this content with keywords and blast it out to all of your social channels.

7. Choosing Wrong People To Be In Charge Of Important Things

Thinking of doing everything yourself? Let me burst your bubble here. Marketing is a lot of work, and it’s best handled by someone who knows what they’re doing. Hiring a resource or working with an outside agency are your best strategies for success if you have limited personal experience. You need to have a reliable team who will stand by you through thick and thin. Don’t hire an intern and give him all the keys to your social media accounts as your social media accounts are the mouth piece of your brand. Give such responsibilities to trustworthy and experienced people.

8. Underestimating The Importance  Of Brand Placement

Brand placement is very important as it is the main identity of your company. Be it your social media channels or your websites or even on the advertisements of your company, brand placement is extremely essential. There should also be a story associated to your brand which will connect you to your customers.

9. Following The Competition Very Slowly

Keep an eye on your competitors, follow them closely and analyse the steps and actions which they are taking to take their company forward. But while doing all this, don’t forget to figure out about how you can do things differently for your brand. Pay intricate attention to your details too as that’s what will make your product and your brand different from your competition companies.

10. Periodically Measure Your ROI

Use the analytics as it will help you to know about your activities. Always track everything you do. Using analytics will help you to see where you are going wrong and which of the strategies are actually working. You cannot always go according to your instincts. Tracking your activities will help you face the reality of your marketing activities and will help you to improve and learn from your own experience.

Now you know that Marketing is not that difficult but it is a very important and integral part of your business. It can become a cause for your successful business because at the end of the day, no matter how good is your product, its of no use if you don’t market it to the right set of people. The aim of telling you about the marketing mistakes was to make you aware of what all can happen and how you can avoid them and taste success in your entrepreneurial journey.


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